Anne Hathaway's Super Short Haircut: Yay or Nay? (PHOTOS)

Like many actresses before her, Anne Hathaway has chopped her locks for a film role. The 29-year-old Devil Wears Prada star debuted a new shorter hairstyle when she stepped out of The Box nightclub on Saturday. Joined by a gal pal and her fiance Adam Shulman, Anne looked almost unrecognizable with her pixie cut.

Anne snipped her hair for her role of Fantine in Les Miserables -- a struggling factory worker who is forced into prostitution and winds up selling her hair to make ends meet. Starring Russell Crowe and Hugh Jackman, who was recently spotted sporting a very different look as well, the flick is reportedly set to hit theaters in late 2012.

Are you a fan of her short 'do? Cast your vote in the poll then defend your decision in the comments below.



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  • Ann Namouse
    Ann Namouse

    remember the MANE

  • Clara

    Have to disagree; she's got excellent bone and tooth structure, and if she can resist doing weird cosmetic things to herself, she'll change very little over time.

  • Clara

    She looks desperately uncomfortable, but I think it works, she's got great bone structure. Hope she soon feels confident enough about her decision to enjoy her short hair!

  • MyLoveCyrus

    I think she does not look for this short but fits pretty but not beautiful

  • sarah

    lah meli kibghi 3adéb nemla , kidir liha jwane7

  • twilight_lover

    well I didn't know but she just cut it for 'Les Mis' role...still she is looking shy

  • Hannah

    Thanks with regard to providing these kinds of superior subject material.

  • Michael Stooke
    Michael Stooke

    She looks great you can see her face

  • Angel

    i dunno. i wonder if she hurt heself, or if she is just so ashamed... :)

  • Ina

    She is the most weird-looking woman, and will not age well. Not to mention overrated.

  • Valerista

    She looks cute, but why are they remaking Les Mis already?

  • SMH

    she obviously doesn't like it or is ashame, in every pic she's holding her head... -.-

  • Yael

    Am I the only one who thinks that short hair makes her look masculine and fifteen years older than her age???

  • mileyismylife

    i loved her long hair, but she seems to be rocking the pixie cut. It'll grow on me i'm sure.

  • Ida

    Why is she holdign her head on every pic ?!

  • Kashonia Hadley

    EMBRACE IT! she looks beautiful!

  • twilight_lover

    anne what did u do?!?!?!?!

  • DiLamb

    I'm sad for her, she looks like she is feeling ugly. :(