Eva Longoria Sets Record Straight on ‘Crazy Rumors’ (VIDEO)

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When you’re Eva Longoria, rumors are just part of life. From all the secrets and stuff on Desperate Housewives to her own personal life, she has to navigate some pretty crazy stuff. 

She tells Celebuzz a very funny story that involves some sexy underwear, an unconscious dog and a silver BMW. This is not a true story.

“There was some story about me running out of Frederick’s of Hollywood with lingerie on because my golden labrador retriever collapsed — so I had to run him to the hospital in my silver BMW,” she says with a laugh. “I don’t have a silver BWM, I’ve never been to Frederick’s of Hollywood and I don’t have a golden lab!” 

She also discussed the end of the series that made her famous, saying it hasn’t really hit home yet that Desperate Housewives will soon be off the air. 

“It’s been sad because I’m going to miss going to work everyday and seeing the same faces,” she adds. “I’m excited to move on and open a new chapter in my life.” 

Eva is currently promoting Pepsi Next, which she says has always supported the Latino community. 

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