Kimye? KanKard? KanDash? KanKim? Help Celebuzz Come Up With Kanye & Kim’s Celebrity Couple Name!

Kim & Kanye in Paris
Kim Kardashian attends Kanye West's fashion show.
While the entire world waits with baited breath to find out whether or not Kim Kardashian and Kanye West are actually dating, Celebuzz is getting a jump-start on the game by coming up with their official couple name!

In what has become a tradition of sorts since Jennifer Lopez and Ben Affleck infamously merged to become “Bennifer,” in 2003, the Internet has been quick to anoint portmanteaus to many of Hollywood’s A-list couples; when Jennifer Aniston started dating Justin Theroux last year, options ranged from Jethroux, to JustJen, to Justifer to our personal favorite nick, Janthrax.

Given how uber-famous Kim and Kanye are, the Internet could have the next TomKat (short for Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes) or Brangelina (Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie, natch) on its hands. Which is where you, our dear readers, come in. If Kim and Kanye are indeed dating, what should we call them?

Post your best mash-ups in the comments below. Later on today, we’ll post our favorite creations from our readers!

Some suggestions to get you started …

Kimye (duh)

Last week, rumors that Kim and Kanye (Kimye?!) are dating sprouted after they were spotted out and about together in New York City. Kanye also wrote about her in his new single ‘Theraflu,’ rapping:

“And I admit I fell in love with Kim around the same time she fell in love with him. Well that’s cool, baby girl, do your thing, lucky I ain’t have Jay drop him from the team.”

Kim, meanwhile, has remained mum on the rumors, coyly telling TODAY’s Ann Curry last week, “You never know what the future holds or where it takes me.” Watch the interview segment below:

Celebuzz’s own expert, Dr. Michelle Golland, told Celebuzz last week that, if Kim is dating Kanye, she should expect a “wild ride.”

Well, saddle up, Celebuzz readers, because we’ll be here for every step of the ride!