Kristen Stewart Spends Birthday Weekend With Robert Pattinson

Lindsay & Rob?
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Kristen Stewart turns 22 today, so it should come as no surprise that she spent her birthday weekend with boyfriend Robert Pattinson. The Twilight couple hit up Harvard & Stone on Saturday night, one of their favorite bars in the outskirts of Hollywood. Casually dressed as usual, the couple made a low key entrance and hung together inside.

If Harvard & Stone sounds familiar, it should...

The bar is owned by the same people as Pour Vous, the lounge Robert Pattinson, 25, was spotted at last week. Gossip sites had a field day because he and Lindsay Lohan were both in attendance at the soft opening of Pour Vous, but as Celebuzz reported Thursday, the outing was "totally innocent" and there was “nothing more to it” than two friends supporting the owners.

See? Last week was no big deal.

Now, onto the fun stuff: what do you think Rob got Kristen for her 22nd birthday? Guess below! Also, if you haven't watched in a while, check out the teaser trailer for Breaking Dawn Pt. 2 right here:



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  • Michel

    I hope the film contains the cooinrsatven Edward and Bella has at the end of New Moon (Edward somewhat explains himself). My fear is that we will see the break up scene the race to and fro Volterra and that will be all I didn\'t cry (but I did fastforward to the end to see if what happened before going back and re-reading the whole story). LOL

  • mary

    she looks dead

  • ece

    "I can't really ansewr that question because I don't know them" and I think he meant that he doesn't know what's REALLY going on in terms of their relationship. He doesn't know about "Robsten", but he knows about them individually of course :)

  • Garla

    - Beautiful website! I LOVE your work! I just smtbuled across your stuff today and think it is amazing!!! I really appreciate your shooting style! I could look through your work all day. Keep it up!

  • Brandon

    It makes me sad to see these videos. That he has to put up with being saetkld and causing a spectacle. He seems like he would hate that kind of attention and I feel bad that this is his life right now.

  • Amirelhoub

    Love him Love the way he let Kristen go first so that he got the heat of the paps taking his pirctue so that his girl could get in her car and not be harrassed by the paps. He is such the perfect boyfriend. But hate that they had to go in the airport when a custom agent was suppose to be at the plane to check everything and Rob and Kristen could have left from the plane and the paps wouldn't have even known they left.

  • Sachchidanand

    "I can't really aesnwr that question because I don't know them" and I think he meant that he doesn't know what's REALLY going on in terms of their relationship. He doesn't know about "Robsten", but he knows about them individually of course :)

  • Bozo

    I hope next year Rob is nominated for Cosmopolis, now that they are chingang the format for Best Actor.I see he and Kristen are nominated for Best Kiss, and who knows if they will even smooch, again. I certainly will not vote for Jennifer Lawrence and Josh Hutcherson, but if they win I bet they will actually kiss. Cmon Rob and Kristen one time for old time sakes for all the countless fans who have supported, cheered, defended, and waited in long lines for premieres, show us a good kiss, because this may be your last chance. Although there is another movie, this year is filled with possible best kiss contenders for next year. Smooch, dagnabit.

  • Emma Simpson
    Emma Simpson

    But you don't see that this crazy, says what she wants? She knows nothing. She invents everything to get attention. Rob doesn't give a shit to her so I don't know why she talks like she was his friend.

  • Emma Simpson
    Emma Simpson

    Hahahahahaha You're so pathetic LOL What boyfriend? Scout? Oh yes! Rob is in London since April 6th hahahahahahaha It's fun to see how this crazy says silly thing and crazy girls like you believe in them. You're desperate to believe that he is Edward.

  • wtf

    You may be a liar but I wouldn't call yourself trash - have more respect for yourself. As for the point of this article - let it go. You do not know anything at all - get a life.

  • Farrah Greenfield
    Farrah Greenfield

    Kristen Stewart Spends Birthday Weekend With Robert Pattinson

  • Sarah

    Happy Birthday Kristen!!! Hope you had a wonderful day!!!

  • jojo

    do you have reading problems? she said that it was two friends supporting the owners. not that rob and lindsay are friends, but that they are friends with the owners.

  • Bettyel

    My guess is that Rob bought her a piece of jewelry or something for her interest in cooking like gourmet utensils etc.

  • ViVi

    Taryn didn't say they were two friends of each other, she said they were two friends of the owners. Seriously, you have more than a screw loose if you think Rob would ever be friends with LiLo. Stop trying to be a trouble making troll and just learn to read better.

  • nattrose

    Kristen obviously loves her boyfriend Rob and is happy with him.If she were not then certainly she would move on,so if you don't like it then you best find another actress to follow because I highly doubt she gives a crap what anyone thinks and good for her!

  • Okay

    Nothing desperate about pointing out Taryn can't keep her stories straight. Last wk it was a coincidence. This week Rob and Lindsay are friends supporting the owner. Which is very different than Rob and Lindsay are friends of the owners and came out to support them on their soft opening. Sorry. But the truth hurts.

  • jojo

    wow, you can smell the desperation coming from you.

  • amour

    Grazie Taryn: YOU always get it right! I'm always wondering WHAT Rob buys her for all the special events. xo Love them!

  • holly

    Just to point out the obvious. You're not Kristen. She looks to be more than happy with the English boyfriend. I hope you realize that you demean Kristen with your ugly comments.

  • liz

    bahahahaha aw our little krisbian/nonbert is mad. LOL. It's killing you Kristen still with him and obv. doesn't give a fuck what your opinion about her BF. hahaha cry more you little loser. I'm sure Kristen would laugh at your retarded post.

  • amoet

    Taryn didn't say anything about Rob and Lindsay are friends...She refers to Rob and Lindsay are friends with the owner of the bar... The trash is news the one which said Rob has slizzy night with Lindsay... Just shut up!

  • hayley


  • Lizzie

    Rob and Kristen are an awesome couple! Hope they enjoy celebrating today! Make love not hate!

  • Gemma

    Happy Birthday Kristen! Hope you have have a wonderful time with the people you love including that gorgeous boyfriend of yours!!! Ignore all the idiot haters today as always sweet girl and have fun and love!

  • LOL

    Aww and she can get him into AA because he's clearly an unemployed alcoholic.

  • trish22

    If he really loves her, he'll get her what she desperately needs. Shampoo and a hairbrush. And acting lessons.

  • Judy Bradley
    Judy Bradley

    Happy Birthday to Kristen! I have no idea what he may have bought her. Hopefully not the kitten someone else mentioned. They are on the road (or in the air) so much and working long hours when filming. It would be sweet if it were an engagement ring!!

  • rob and kris
    rob and kris

    happy birthday...kristen....a perfect birthday gift?? a faithfull boyfriend...which you already have!...priceless!!

  • kvaughn75

    I have to admit upon first read-through thought Taryn was saying Rob and Lilo are friends. Rob may know the owners but doubt they are "friends". With that said it's obvious Rob would never directly associate himself with someone like Lilo. If they've exchanged more than 5 words it's a lot. Could have been stated a different way but this is where common sense kicks in.

  • Cassie42

    I like this couple. They look happy and in love. The media will twist any story to get feedback. It's funny so laugh it off when you read them b/c 99% of the stories are just that - STORIES!!

  • Oh Please
    Oh Please

    I like that you have determined it was NBD. You know this how? bc by Saturday she apparently forgave him? You know nothing of what Kristen felt on Thursday. js.

  • Zoe,please!

    Zoe, stop being a bitter hater and just accept that her boyfriend IS NOT trash. Kristen is fierce, do you really think she'd stay with someone who's supposedly trash and who drags her into the tabloids? No. Accept that Robert is just like any other guy in love with his girlfriend and move on. Kristen wouldn't want a ''fan'' like you.

  • Jill

    Rob has NEVER done anything but treat Kristen well. he just flew all the way to Paris to be with her and sat back and let her take the limelight. You are jsut a hater. Everytime Kristen is wrongly accused of hooking up with her costars or Robs friend, he is put into the headlines. It how the media works when you are a couple. The only trash I see here is you for spreading lies.

  • Rosemary Meehan
    Rosemary Meehan

    HAPPY BIRTHDAY KRISTEN. I wish you Love. Luck, and Happiness today and always.

  • Jill

    Zoe, they are not friends with each other. They are friends of the owner. It says exactly what it said in the article last week. Reading comprehension much. Stop being a hater.

  • Zoe

    Kristen has a boyfriend that treats her like garbage. He drags her into the tabloids again and again with his to quote Taryn "friends". Just stating the facts. Trash is trash.

  • hopesecho

    @ Zoe, why not stop the hate just for one day, it is Kristen's BD after all.

  • hopesecho

    I think a Rescue Kitten would be a great thing for Rob to get Kristen, a gift that would keep on giving.

  • Zoe

    So now Lindsay and Rob are friends Taryn? Hmmmmmmm. Not what you said last week.