Lea Michele Dons Barely-There Bikini With Cory Monteith in Cabo (PHOTOS)


Just when you thought Cabo couldn't get any hotter, in walks Glee hottie Lea Michele, who got her bikini on over the weekend in Mexico with co-star and rumored boyfriend Cory Monteith.

When she wasn't busy getting in a little hot-tub action with Cory, Lea showed off her perfect body in not one, but two, bikinis, including a teensy, tiny black two-piece that left, um, very little else for the imagination.

Of course, being the fashionista that she is, the 25-year-old was also spotted wearing an equally sexy bikini, in pink. A 29-year-old Cory, meanwhile, went the incognito route, in a black baseball hat and sunglasses.

Lea and Cory have been rumored to be dating for a few months now. Late last month, Celebuzz exclusively spotted the couple enjoying a PDA-filled dinner date at the SoHo House, in West Hollywood.

"He makes her more lighthearted,” our source said at the time, adding the sexy duo are "definitely getting more serious."

They were also spotted together at JFK in March, which you can check out below in our gallery!

What do you think? Are you gleeking out over these bikini pics as much as we are? Sound off in the comments!



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  • Ricky

    Belva Naugle - I can't wait to see more and relect back on a very spaceil day! These photos are great and you were able to capture some very spaceil momemts. Shannon sent the link to me at work and I shared it with several of my co-workers and we all became a little teary eyed. They all loved the photos, too. They bring tears to my eyes every time I look at them and I have looked at them a lot. It was an emotional day for me and it went by so fast, so by having your wonderful photos, we can relect back on a beautiful wedding and a good time had by all. Looking forward to seeing more!

  • Joelle

    Seems like Cory's too busy for vacay... Even if it's with his hot girlfriend!

  • maxx

    Loveeeeeeeeeee both of them and happyyyyyyyyyyyyyy for them. Lea is soooooooo beautiful and cory is handsome, what a perfect PAIR. May GOD bless your relationship.

  • noro

    they look so happy together they are a wonderful couple i'm so happy for them. i don't why fans can't deal with them being together and just be happy for them it's their lives not ours people should just leave them alone

  • mileyismylife

    aww, they suit each other so perfectly!

  • Farrah Greenfield
    Farrah Greenfield

    the 25-year-old was also spotted wearing an equally sexy bikini, in pink. A 29-year-old Cory, meanwhile, went the incognito route, in a black baseball hat and sunglasses.

  • holysh!t

    I knew about the no pants trend, but didn't realize it had transitioned to a no bottoms trend. Girl should tip her waxer big time.

  • MONI

    i love them and they look so happy!!!

  • adorable

    they look great and happy, why people are wanting so much it not be true and attacking cory and lea because their personal lifes don't fit on fans imagination shippers is just rude and sad

  • Danielle

    I don't understand what you have to gain from going to all these sites to slag off people who are just going about their life and not living it the way you think they should. You have to have clicked on a link to get here with some idea of what you were going to view. I am guessing and may not be correct that it is you are an Achele shipper. You should just give up and i am sure both girls would be a lot happier not to have fans as crazy as your little group is. Also Cory and Lea look great and i hope they are very happy together.

  • Michaela

    LOL why would Celebuzz include tweets from an unreliable source? if you look at that girls twitter again, she admitted that she was drunk when she tweeted. SMH.

  • Mark Kowal
    Mark Kowal

    Hahaha Patty Pat - frantic jealous person! Fan Achele? :)

  • Pei Gilbert
    Pei Gilbert

    OMG I'm SCREAMING! I love them together!! And to the haters, if you think a random twitter is more believable than these pics, I leave you to your delusions.

  • Emily

    lol you must have too much time on your hands^ a girl tweeted that there was someone who was like stalking them they're obvs not gonna be all over each other just cause one girl saw them for five minutes doesn't make it a PRomance the fact that they look pissed when the paparazzi showed up also. Just cause you don't like them together doesn't mean you should decide whether they were happy or not based on a tweet from a girl who was following them