Readers Respond: What Should Kanye & Kim’s Celebrity Couple Name Be?

Kim & Kanye in Paris
Kim Kardashian attends Kanye West's fashion show.
Earlier today, we asked Celebuzz readers to weigh on on what they think Kanye West and Kim Kardashian’s celeb couple name should be — assuming, of course, that they are actually dating. (Neither Kim or Kanye have confirmed the rumors.)

The overwhelming response to our question? “Kimye” seemed to go over well with readers like Leticia S., Vanessa M., Nathalia V. and Anne M.

Anne seemed especially pleased with the easy-to-say nick, proclaiming, “I love it!!!”

Still, others had their opinions, as well. Andres S. and Nicole S. both showed signs of solidarity in their vote for “Kimwest,” while Rashaan D. and Loree R. went with the cool-sounding “Kandash.” (Teresa O. took it a step further, with “Kandashian.” Not bad!)

Not happy with the proposed nicknames? Well, you still have time to cast your vote. Post your favorite portmanteau in the comments below to let us know what you think Kanye and Kim should be called.

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