From Ace Ventura to Angela Chase: Celebuzz’s Comeback Wish List (PHOTOS)

Reunion vs. Pie
Which poster do you prefer?
American Reunion, Nadya “Octomom” Suleman and Dallas have all made their way back into the limelight, thus giving us no other choice than to declare 2012 the year of the comeback. From Lindsay Lohan and Tara Reid cleaning up their acts to Levi Johnston making headlines once again by knocking up his young girlfriend, history seems to be repeating. 

So what or who is next? Kate Gosselin? The Goonies?

To help the 2012 Year of the Comeback along, Celebuzz came up with a wish list for what and/or who we’d like to see return as characters, remakes or otherwise. But we’ll need your help…

What or who would you like to see return this year? State your case in the comments, and return to Celebuzz to see our readers’ comeback wish list.