Happy National Siblings Day! Can You Guess the Famous Bros & Sisters? (PHOTOS)

Kid Sisters: Best Year!
2011 was the year of celebrity kid sisters!
Happy National Siblings Day to all those brothers and sisters out there!

While siblings usually have their ups and downs, (and go through plenty of fights along the way!), there’s nothing quite like the bond of brothers and sisters. Whether you there’s two, three or ten of you, this day is definitely about celebrating your partners in crime through all those family vacations, holidays, and much more.

There are lots of famous celeb siblings out there (such as the Kardashians!) but there are plenty of stars whose brothers and sisters lead lives away from the spotlight.

To celebrate National Siblings Day, Celebuzz put together a little guessing game. Can you guess who the bros and sisters are to the stars?

Put on your thinking cap, and take your best guesses by clicking through the gallery!