Is Miley Cyrus' Weight Loss Healthy? Expert Answers! (EXCLUSIVE)

Miley Cyrus took to Twitter Sunday night to squash rumors that she is anorexic, revealing her dramatic weight loss is due to a "gluten and lactose allergy."

"Everyone should try no gluten for a week," Cyrus, 19, stated. "The change in your skin, phyisical and mental health is amazing!"

So what is the allergy -- and is it really what is making the Hannah Montana look so slim? Celebuzz spoke to JJ Virgin, one of the nation’s foremost fitness and nutrition experts, who authored of “Six Weeks to Sleeveless and Sexy” and starred in the TLC reality series, Freaky Eaters.

"These food reactions can happen due to genetics, stress, poor diet, medications, chronic consumption of the same foods and can happen at any age," said JJ, who has not treated Cyrus. Read on for more details.

"Miley looks terrific," JJ told Celebuzz. "She looks like a fit, healthy girl."

The expert added, "The toning is clearly from exercise, but I believe the fat loss was due to the elimination of dairy and gluten as I have seen similar effects with hundreds of clients."

Explaining what happens when an individual cuts out gluten, JJ said it helps "with fast fat loss and improved energy."

"A gluten 'allergy' could be anything from outright celiac disease where eating gluten will kill you over time, to gluten intolerance where gluten can cause symptoms including gas and bloating, weight gain, brain fog, inability to focus and joint pain. Even if you don't have an intolerance to gluten I have to agree with Miley in that gluten is 'crappp food.'"
While JJ said she believed that Cyrus' diet changes were a major contributor to her slim figure because "one of the fastest ways to lose weight is to cut out sugar, artificial sweeteners and gluten," we asked whether such a drastic diet change could be a risk to someone so young.

She said:

"A reaction to gluten can happen at any age and I believe everyone would be healthier-- especially children with childhood obesity rates soaring-- if they either entirely removed it from their diet or at least minimized their consumption. I also stand behind Miley's recommendation that everyone should try removing it from their diet and see how they feel. I want to emphasize that you should do this for at least 3 weeks and make sure you pull it out 100% - as you will see when you start to read labels, it is everywhere including beer, mustard and many luncheon meats!"
As for lactose intolerance, JJ pointed out that it is not an "outright allergy" but usually a genetic issue where your body lacks the lactase enzyme to be able to effectively break down the sugar found in milk and some dairy products.

"About 25% of Americans and 75% of people worldwide suffer from this issue which can cause major gastrointestinal symptoms and chronic inflammation," said JJ.

"There is also loads of research showing the connection between acne and dairy, so it is totally understandable that Miley is thrilled with changes in her skin, as well as her physical and mental health."

Indeed, JJ said Cyrus is just like many of her own clients, who after pulling dairy and gluten out of their diet, "don't ever want to go back." She added:

"If anyone at any age is struggling with auto immune issues, mood issues, joint pain, inability to lose weight, food cravings, skin problems or GI issues, they should do a trial of pulling out gluten and dairy (there are plenty of other calcium rich foods out there to supplement your diet with) to see if they improve."


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  • jackieallure

    Looks great here. Then it went downhill.

  • jackieallure

    I bet she thinks being super skinny is hot, and that she looks fine. No doubt has to do with wanting to look good for Liam, but does she know that she looks YOUNGER now? And that her hair looks DEAD vs. soft and flowy like it used to? Shocker. Maybe she should focus on eating well, exercising and realizing gluten free is just an excuse for 'skinny'.

  • Waffles512

    I wish I had her body GRRRRR so jealous!

  • Waffles512

    I am so jealous of her body *sigh*

  • Waffles512

    I wish I looked like her. I exercise so much and eat very healthy like very and yet I still can't seem to slim down as much as her *sigh* she is very pretty :)

  • allegra

    she isn't too thin, she's happy with her own body leave her alone.

  • regentroy

    Her boobs just want their FREEDOM. I'd like see a lot more of them and her bod before gravity gets a good hold on them.

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    Miley is the definition of perfect! and i simply adore her outfit, it's super cute :)

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    Very Hot.

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    She looks too skinny in some of those pictures its kind of gross.

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    sorry we are not to September yet it's only May, wrong month listed.

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    she is not scary skinny BUT she is very skinny almost looks like a lollipop In my opinion she looked better before, she didn't need to lose weight may be just get fit

  • 555

    I'm a big fan of hers, but she does NOT look healthy i this picture, she looks scary skinny.

  • Kristie Eskelson Reid
    Kristie Eskelson Reid

    I think miley looks great in this pic........some of the other ones she is to thin....most weman don't understand when you get really thin your head look's to big for your frame and you look freakish.................................... I feel it's a very ugly look...

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    Gotta love those Disney girls :D

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    shes wearing stuff youll never afford :]^

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    Yeah, people are just hating on her. Her body is amazing, you can tell she works out and eats well!!!! Good for you girl ; )

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  • Truth

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  • Samantha

    I personally have Celiac's disease, or a gluten intolerance. I was never diagnosed until I was 17. Within the first month of cutting gluten out of my diet I lost 20 pounds. Even now, though it's been several months since I was diagnosed, weight is still coming off but at a much slower rate. And for those of you who ask if people are born with this allergy? Yes and no, some may be born with it, but you can also develop it at any time in your life.

  • Krista Keller
    Krista Keller

    too bad she has no neck and man shoulders

  • Amanda Foster
    Amanda Foster

    Stop hating people! She has a small frame and on petite women every pound of weight loss or gain shows. So if she lost 10 more lbs. she would appear anorexic, but she's perfectly healthy where she's at! And when you say she has nothing to look at, you're jealous! Take it from someone who used to be skinny and is now a little overweight at a size 12 instead of the size 7 I used to be, she is fine! She has a cute round butt, and what looks to be a size B chest, so she has just enough curve to fit her figure. She's cute, talented, and young, so back off! And yes I agree there are more important issues. However if you get on these entertainment sites just to bitch that to people, then you are wasting your time too! It's sad that people would rather vote for the next american idol, than real issues, but that's not gonna change, so stop hatin'!

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  • Amy

    What about her is unhealthy? I think she looks AMAZINGI think people are just jealous!!

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  • Brooks Elliott
    Brooks Elliott

    I think people also tend to forget she is still only 19, people's bodies are still in change mode as they grow out of their teens. people need to stop worrying about what they think they know. when in reality they really don't know anything about her.

  • stfu

    Actually on hannah montana she was very very skinny, I think she looks great but if she were to lose 10 lbs due to just forgetting to eat, she could border on the emaciated demi moore look. And yes I'm aware there's drama in the congo but I can't afford to help anyone. Not even myself.

  • Zini


  • Zini


  • Joshua Pingley
    Joshua Pingley

    She doesn't look anorexic AT ALL. I think she's in ideal physical shape. Good for her!


    lol nov 22, 2012 hasnt even happened yet, especially as she's at the 2010 American Music Awards :S :L

  • Ezinne Nzewi
    Ezinne Nzewi

    dont think she is flaunting anything as she aint got anything to flaunt.she has a slim figure but thats about.

  • Ezinne Nzewi
    Ezinne Nzewi

    dont think she is flaunting anything

  • 1234

    Allergies can be developed at any point in your life & if you read the article you would have noticed it says, "A reaction to gluten can happen at any age" btw, showing more skin may be a lack of confidence for you, but don't think everyone needs to base their actions on your feelings. It's her body, if she wants to "flaunt it" why do you care?

  • name

    You can develop it at any point in life. why do people care about this? she looks ok. She does not look anorexic. Focus on what is important. Like, Obama is about to start another pointless war. Do people care about? No, of course not.

  • Bo

    Gluten allergy is something which can be hard to track down.. you can walk around with it for years without knowing.. but feeling crappy & suffering stomachache a lot. Once it's discovered and you go on a gluten free diet it's a relieve and you'll feel way more comfortable in your own body, skin & health in general, soon. People need to stop focussing on celebrities' weight so much. There are no symptoms for her to be anorectic.. she looks healthy, she has always looked healthy & may have lost some weight now but THAT'S not being anorectic immediately. Also she explained the reason why she lost some weight.. why wouldn't you just believe her? Anorectic people don't just deny being anorectic, in most cases they don't talk about it at all. Miley has been very open about how she feels about anorexia.. but she also has always encouraged people to eat healthy.. nothing wrong with that as long as she's not all boney! No need to blow this up. She has a great body and strained it with working out. Celebrities are humans and could get destroyed by these kind of rumors.

  • Crazy Pixie Lady
    Crazy Pixie Lady

    shes thinner than ever ! allergy dont come suddenly :\ YOU BORN with it right !?! but off the point ... miley is showing skin wayyy more than before ,but honestly i think showing more skin is lack of ( confidance ) & the term ( if you Got it fluant it ) IS NOT TRUE AT ALL .. & a pathatic execuse for wearing less clothes :)

  • siaho

    gluten is just a naturally occurring protein in wheat, rye and barley, to name a few grains. humankind has been eating it for over 20,000 years. people who go gluten free without health reasons are being ridiculous. HOWEVER is you do have gluten intolerance, holy crap it makes life hard. gluten is in almost everything. seriously. next time you go to the store check ingredients on your purchases. flour (not always called flour fwi) is in almost everything as filler. going gluten free for a diet without health needs is silly. instead simply monitor, and where possible eliminate sugar and saturated fat intakes

  • Rose

    Many who go on a gluten-free diet may lose weight and feel better, but it has nothing to do with avoiding gluten. Just cutting out starchy, processed forms of carbohydrate or limiting carbohydrate intake helps with lowering insulin resistance, which leads to weight loss.