Matchmaker On Emma & Chord’s Rekindled Romance: Who Cares If It Lasts, They’re Young! (EXCLUSIVE)

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Rumors are swirling that Emma Roberts, 21, and Chord Overstreet, 23, are giving it another go, but is this a good idea? Siggy Flicker, matchmaker and star of VH1’s Why Am I Still Single?, tells Celebuzz exclusively that she fully supports this rekindled romance.

“They are going to have fun and enjoy each other and that is what ‘s important and if they last then it was meant to be and if they don’t they will move on and that is what is wonderful about being young and in your ’20s.”

The Scream 4 actress and Glee guy reportedly started dating this time last year when they were spotted canoodling at California’s Coachella music festival. “You are supposed to experience love and fall flat on your face a couple of times,” Siggy says of young love. 

She explains that at their age, they have no pressure when it comes to their relationship. “Both are so cute and adorable and YOUNG! Are they going to last? Who cares!”

Siggy finds these stars “grounded” and feels they should “stick to what they are doing, which is just enjoy life and love!”

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