Nicki Minaj: The Lady Gaga Comparison ‘Irks’ Me (VIDEO)

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It’s the Barbies versus the Monsters … sorta. 

Nicki Minaj doesn’t hate Lady Gaga, but she certainly doesn’t like being compared to the outlandish artist. In a candid interview with ABC’s Nightline that aired Monday night, the “Super Bass” singer admitted that she doesn’t understand why people place the two musicians in the same category. 

“It irks me,” Nicki, 29, confessed. “I’m a rapper. … It’s getting tired.”

When Nightline’s Juju Chang reporter tried to explain that it’s the wigs and outrageous outfits that cause the comparisons, Nicki wasn’t buying it. 

“[Lady Gaga] paved her way. She opened her own lane. … I have my own lane and we never cross, EVER!”

Which artist do you prefer: Nicki or Gaga’s? Stand by your girl in the comments. 

Nicki has also been scrutinized for not being suitable for children when it comes to her outfits and lyrics, but she tells the news magazine that she’s not out to be a role model. “I didn’t become an artist to appeal to kids.” She adds with a laugh, “I’m a crazy lunatic.”

Despite her not looking to appeal to kids, she did meet her youngest fans Sophie Grace Brownlee and Rosie on Ellen DeGeneres’ show this past year after the two became YouTube sensations when they covered Nicki’s hit “Super Bass.” Nicki admitted that the joke with her crew is now, “Can Sophie sing that one?”

Suitable for kids or not, Nicki knows how to put on a show. Check her out in her latest performance in Times Square: