Prince Harry vs. Harry Styles: Who Is the Hotter Brit? (POLL)

prince or styles?
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Miranda Cosgrove and One Direction on the set of Disney's iCarly
The boy band makes a cameo on the Nick show. Watch »

What is it about British boys that make them so dreamy?!

One Direction's Harry Styles was recently seen showing off his beach bod in Australia, and we couldn't help but think of another sexy Brit named Harry -- Prince Harry, of course!

While the two couldn't be more different, Harry Styles is an 18-year-old pop star and Prince Harry is a 27-year-old royal, we thought it would be best if our readers could help us decide who is hotter!

Some of our favorite things about these guys? Both share impeccable sense of humors in addition to being natural showmen. On a recent trip to Jamaica while helping promote the Queen's Diamond Jubilee (aka 60 years on the throne), Prince Harry was seen busting a movie with some locals!


During that same trip, he hammed it up while racing against Olympic runner Usain Bolt. Harry did end up beating him, but he did give himself a nice little head start!

This past weekend, Harry Styles (along with his fellow 1D members) brought the funny to a Saturday Night Live sketch with host Sofia Vergara. Check it out below!


However, Harry S. does get bonus points for being able to belt out tunes that make ladies every where swoon!

But, on the flip side with Prince Harry, there's always the possibility that he could make you a royal some day. Isn't that every girl's dream?!

This decision is nearly impossible! So, with the given evidence, we invite you to cast your vote for the hottest British Harry in the poll! Choose wisely!



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  • raven

    there is absolutely no comparison, HARRY STYLES of course

  • juju

    of course harry :x

  • Larisa Lärs
    Larisa Lärs

    <3 <3 <3

  • Ivey

    Harry definitely

  • Empresa

    Great post!! This happens to me every month when I down load phtoos. My 10 year old likes to take phtoos with my camera and then his 2 year old twin brother and sister seemed to follow in his foot steps. I would find my camera on the sofa, kitchen table and think I know I didn't leave it there but, then I am tired so I guess I did. After down loading my phtoos after two months of not I found some of the cuties phtoos from a two year olds point of view complete with a few of me unawear of what they were doing. I printed some of them and keep an album. I love short people photography!!

  • makenna

    heyy harry

  • megan agusta
    megan agusta

    harry styles <333 xxxxx

  • true123

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  • danielle

    lmao im suppossed to be asleep but i much rather figue out the hours!! and i am not his weight was in a book i read for my book report for school so shh harry if you see this dont listen to her she is lyingg

  • Michelle

    you are a stalker my frienddddd!! no offence(: well anyway if i did my math correctly (which i probably didnt) its 4,995 days and im not solving for the hours minutes and seconds because thats to much work lol

  • danielle

    lmao his birthday is on september 15 , 1984 at 4:30 pm and i was born january 8, 1998 at 3;30 figure out how any hours and days!!!!!! go now slave lmao jk but please do it<33 oh and if anyone cared he was 6 pounds and 14 ounces at birth;)<3

  • Michelle

    well i dont know his birthday but that is an estimate amount of days hahahyou were the only one who didnt cheat but you lost lol lauren stole 3 million dollars from the bank i stole the 100,000 salary but then you took it away then i kept moving my spaces then i stole your salary then i stopped cheating and bridget just kept stealing my money ahaha

  • danielle

    lmao no bc i hate you all because your a bunch of cheaterss. jk yesshh!!! and aww is it reall 4,745 days between me and my future husbanddd......<333333333 that doesnt seem so bad<3333

  • Michelle

    nopeeee! i will marry a guy who is a leas 5 YEARS with in my age because i am normal! by the way in 4years he would be 31 and you will be 18 hat is a 13 year(4, 745 days) difference and we have no lifes hahha tomorow after soccer practice want to come over and play life again?

  • danielle

    he is to hot to be considered a man, he is a thing bc scientists havnt discovered a name for people that gorgeuouss. holly suger i just thought of him seeing thiss i mean cmon never say neverrrrrrr. and ofcorse i would wait till i was 18 at least to marry him other wise we would be illegal i mean 4 more years and me and him would be legal. be jelly<3

  • Michelle

    danielle you do not know how much im cracking up in my bed right now hahah dude hes 27 that would be weird and against the law if he were to marry you and expecally (i spelled that wrong) if he were to have kids with you! haah i love how you said and i quote "he is the sexxiestt thingg that ever walkeed this earth" i love how you called him a thing not a guy, man, boy, chico.....a thing

  • danielle

    not really he is the sexxiestt thingg that everr walkeed this earth and again harry if you are reading this your welcome. i mean at this point we should have kids already<3 lmao michelle

  • Michelle

    omg danielle hahah i think i just peed lol tell me if you ever get that proposal hahaha just saying the only thing good about prince harry is his eyes ill give you that, but thats basically it

  • danielle

    lmaoo shhh....thats just bc i lovee him sososososos much so if he happens to see this he better propose to me bc i was the reason he didnt loose harry styless!!!! just saying haryr<3

  • Michelle

    lol danielle only because you did it like 9999999999 billion times lol. by the way i can tell which ones yours haha

  • danielle

    hahahah hey michelle a. we r winningg so you better shut up about your ugly friend harry styless mwahhhhh PRINCE HARRY FOREVER<33333

  • catthy

    haha team PRINCE HARRY haha we be kickinn yo butt directionnnerrss better stepp it upp nothing can beat uss bc we have a hot ass man named henry<3

  • catthy

    harry PRINCE harry to be exaact sorry so usseed to calling him just harry<3 love you baby even tho you dont know me</3

  • henreycharles

    i have to vote for prince harry no way styles is better looking aint cant win!

  • prince harry is hot
    prince harry is hot

    prince harry marry me? oh you though i was kidding? think again

  • kattiee

    prince harry because he is soo hot i cant even look at his picturee with out cryingg <3 i will meet you someday<3

  • kelly

    harry wales all the way! i love you harry

  • josh

    prince harry bc my sister is making me but harry stylees wtf is wrong with you hair?

  • Prince harry LOVER
    Prince harry LOVER


  • Camilla Guldager
    Camilla Guldager

    This isn't even a question - Harry Styles of course!!!...

  • Menisha Bonelli
    Menisha Bonelli

    A little young for my radar, but he's a handsome fellow!

  • anni

    Harry Styles obviously<3 that body is a body of a MAN ;;)

  • Danielle

    Prince Henry Charles Albert David Windsor<3 Prince of Wales all the way !!! what is this harry edward styles stuff i mean come on if your gonna be hot you gots to have a lot more then one middle name. get with it people PRINCE HARRY IS MY HUSBAND<3 i mean cmon he IS a MAN, NOT a BOY like harry styles<3

  • Ally

    Harry Styles all the way. Like seriously he can just look at girls and boom . Oh and when he takes of his shirt goodbye ovaries.

  • Sophie

    Harry Styles is cute, Prince Harry's hot

  • Charlotte

    Prince Harry is beautiful *--*

  • Lizzie

    Prince Harry is soooo hot

  • Fernanda


  • Nichole

    Harry. Edward. Styles. is. sex. on. legs. Just sayin. I mean LOOK AT THE BOD. Those dimples? That hair? Not to mention his singing makes me feel tingley all over. I speak the TRUTH.

  • nialls wife
    nialls wife

    harry styles do you breathe air

  • emily

    STYLES! look at that body...

  • j

    Harry styles x100

  • Lia de Ambrosia
    Lia de Ambrosia

    Who's Harry Styles??? Prince Harry rules, ever.

  • Anna Caroline Azevedo
  • Anonymous

    Harry Styles

  • em

    Styles all the way!!! ;-)

  • Ezinne Nzewi
    Ezinne Nzewi

    prince harry all the way