Prince Harry vs. Harry Styles: Who Is the Hotter Brit? (POLL)

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What is it about British boys that make them so dreamy?!

One Direction‘s Harry Styles was recently seen showing off his beach bod in Australia, and we couldn’t help but think of another sexy Brit named Harry — Prince Harry, of course!

While the two couldn’t be more different, Harry Styles is an 18-year-old pop star and Prince Harry is a 27-year-old royal, we thought it would be best if our readers could help us decide who is hotter!

Some of our favorite things about these guys? Both share impeccable sense of humors in addition to being natural showmen. On a recent trip to Jamaica while helping promote the Queen’s Diamond Jubilee (aka 60 years on the throne), Prince Harry was seen busting a movie with some locals!

During that same trip, he hammed it up while racing against Olympic runner Usain Bolt. Harry did end up beating him, but he did give himself a nice little head start!

This past weekend, Harry Styles (along with his fellow 1D members) brought the funny to a Saturday Night Live sketch with host Sofia Vergara. Check it out below!


However, Harry S. does get bonus points for being able to belt out tunes that make ladies every where swoon!

But, on the flip side with Prince Harry, there’s always the possibility that he could make you a royal some day. Isn’t that every girl’s dream?!

This decision is nearly impossible! So, with the given evidence, we invite you to cast your vote for the hottest British Harry in the poll! Choose wisely!