TV Preview: ‘GLEE’ Pays Tribute To Whitney Houston (PHOTOS)

Fave Whitney Songs
Celebs reveal their favorite Whitney Houston song.
Glee returns to television tonight, April 10 after a brief break and while the highly anticipated episode promises to tie up some of the massive cliffhangers it left you off with in February there is much more to come from the Glee cast before the season wraps in May.

The Glee Club will be paying tribute to music legend Whitney Houston in an episode entitled ‘Dance With Somebody’ two weeks from tonight on April 24!

What famous ballads of Whitney’s can we expect to be covered?

Eight of her songs will be featured and it is rumored ‘I Wanna Dance With Somebody’ and ‘It’s Not Right, But It’s Okay’ are among them.

Before Whitney’s tribute episode they will also be paying attribute to disco in the episode airing April 17 called ‘Saturday Night Glee-ver.’

Take a look at the above still shots for a sneak peek the Whitney episode and watch the below video where GLEE’s Amber Riley remembers the 48-year-old singer.