Jennifer Aniston Pregnancy Rumors Continue With Latest Magazine Covers (PHOTOS)

Jen vs. Brad?
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It’s another day — and there are more Jennifer Aniston pregnancy reports. 

For decades, we’ve heard the actress (who is currently dating Justin Theroux) has a baby on board and this week’s installment from the newsstand is no different.

Jen made not one, but two covers on April 11: Star magazine called the Wanderlust star a “pregnant bride,” while Life&Style declared she’s “nesting.”

History repeating? Click the photo gallery, above, to view our chronicle of the tabloids’ obsession with the former Friends star.

None of these pregnancy rumors have proved true, but the actress, 43, has often addressed the constant speculation. In a recent issue of GQ magazine, she said:

“I’m not having triplets. Not having twins. Nor am I having one baby. [lifts up sweater and gestures to belly; it appears flat] I did not elope.”

She joked, “The one time I do say, ‘Yes! I’m pregnant!’ they’ll be like, ‘Pfft. Right.'”

What do you think? Is it time for Jen to have a baby already — or should she make the magazine editors wait?! Let us know, below.