Kim Kardashian Bikinis With Family in Dominican Republic (PHOTOS)

Could this be the hottest Kim Kardashian has ever looked?

The sexy reality TV beauty was recently spotted wearing a blue & white bikini while vacationing with her family in the Dominican Republic. The bikini showed off her perfect figure as she enjoyed a little R&R in the pool, alongside her pregnant sister, Kourtney, and Kourtney's son, Mason.

Meanwhile, giving Kim a run for her money in the good looks department was her mom, Kris Jenner, who, at age 56 (!), can still rock a bikini as well as her daughters. Clearly, this family has good genes!

Check out more of these awesome family photos, which also include Kendall and Kylie Jenner jumping off of a yacht, in our gallery now!

For a closer look at some other bikini bodies in Hollywood, check out the video:



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  • Clau Sobel
    Clau Sobel

    wow que chevere.. que bueno que se hallan sivertido ^_^

  • Jaqulin

    To Kim and family that good vacation fun there beach wow!!!!

  • david

    wow she looks perfect

  • david


  • belle

    kim is so hot,take her or leave her

  • Iqball

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  • Theoneu

    Chandra Posted on Love it! Glad I had a chance to run with you the other day! Helped me to get back on track while I was up there! Know that you keep me ineirpsd!

  • dave1001

    Funny how Kendall doesn't have big tits like all her sisters. She is a lot skinnier and leggier and has more of a model body type.

  • Saber Hafez
    Saber Hafez

    iloveyouuuuuuuuu kim kardashin

  • shayla

    love ya kourt n happy birthday congrats on yur bby girl



  • JustSayin'

    First that is curvy and gorgeous. Second, she is a celebrity whats the fuss of wearing make up with bikini on? They can even sleep with make up on! Get a life because you know you ain't anywhere close to her looks.

  • Sully

    Ok, hate to say this but she has huge hips and butt.. WOW... if she wasn't famous.... Now don't get all riled, i like her,, but.... or should i say BUTT.

  • joe

    shes the hottest woman in the world

  • ty

    KK sleeps with her mother. Look at them ,short hair, pimp and daugher prostitute. You know that whole family has watched the sex tape.

  • ty

    KK sleeps with her mother. Look at them ,short hair, pimp and daugher prostitute. You know that whole family has washed the sex tape.

  • Matthew Jahnke
    Matthew Jahnke

    How do you know? It may be or not, but I don't really care! We all know she's the hottest one, so get over it!

  • Matthew Jahnke
    Matthew Jahnke

    How do we know you're not a fat ass? The only thing about you is that little round shell you call a head! What's that little hole in the middle supposed to be? a brain? Grow up, stupid!

  • Matthew Jahnke
    Matthew Jahnke

    Hey: What the hell's your problem? We all know Kim's the cutest one, so either get off her ass, or meet her and see what type of person she is!

  • Festus Umukoro of Nigeria
    Festus Umukoro of Nigeria

    no doubt about this, Kim is a goddess of beauty & America will go to war with any country that jeopardizes her safety not to talk of an individual, I guarantee u that

  • Alisson

    Impress me how rude can u be . Pure jealously right ;)

  • Dorothy Knight
  • courtney

    If I was to become famous, I would want her as my manager. She has managed to turn her no-talent daughters into pure money. She's a genius.

  • Adrian Charles Steele
    Adrian Charles Steele

    She looks fantastic here..!! Hell, I'd never leave the bedroom if I was with that..!! ;-)

  • Alex Reyes
    Alex Reyes

    Kim's photo is photoshopped lmao

  • Menisha Bonelli
    Menisha Bonelli

    I understand that she's nice to look at, but when are people going to GET OVER this chic and her family?

  • thunder thighs
    thunder thighs

    fat pig

  • Sexcsenorita

    makeup to the pool, Really?

  • Gangsta

    Agua planeta azul, you're right, that's the dominican republic!!

  • Patricia Malke
    Patricia Malke

    I wanna do her.

  • Sybianz

    Damn! her and jessica simpson must be sharing eating tips.

  • Joe

    If you like a large wide butt and big fake boobs, then she is your gal. Not for me.

  • Jenny Michel
    Jenny Michel

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  • MorningMusume

    I like how her hair is perfect and she has a full face of makeup. Not to mention she looksso poised in every photo.

  • Klaudia Gołąbek
  • abby

    aww cute, I can't wait for her daughter to arrive.I hope she dosen't call her something starting with K.

  • abby

    Atleast she's wearing more clothes then she usually does...

  • Alisson

    Why people have to be so rude !!!! You are just jealous of them because they have a great life and you wanna be like them . So stop hating!!

  • dave1001

    Kourtney looks hot even when she's pregnant! Her tits are gonna be huge once she starts breastfeeding.

  • kiwi girl
    kiwi girl

    JEALOUSY so sad you are such a negative person, you will never succeed in life with that attitude

  • kiwi girl
    kiwi girl

    AKB needs some friends or prozac

  • kiwi girl
    kiwi girl

    jealous loser, i am guessing you are a) unattractive b) overweight or obese c) unhappy and/or d) of below average intelligence. because this family of STUNNING women have amazing business skills hence the UBER success, keep your hate to yourself.

  • AKB

    Thighs like a Moose and a blubber gut. The morals of a roach and you fall for it. Great, America's dream girl. Is slu* the word?

  • AKB

    Fat PIGS

  • berenice

    hola madison me gustaria

  • Loveshoney

    Will it last? She's 'thick' in a great way now, but ten more years?

  • sm

    and THIS IS REAL! no photoshop editting! so haters STOP HATING :)

  • Anna Caroline Azevedo
    Anna Caroline Azevedo

    Don't care what anyone says about her, she's beautiful and you know it! Whoever says otherwise is obviously jealous of her great body and great success (however may be how she got successful)

  • Anna Caroline Azevedo
    Anna Caroline Azevedo

    Is that Kris Jenner!? She looks AMAZING!

  • felipemnz

    She's NOT fat & she's 31 year old .l.

  • Bladenlee Ray Jayden
    Bladenlee Ray Jayden

    Jesus my god talk about all around HOTNESS umm umm umm umm ummmmm that Kim pure SEXINESS!.............;-)

  • Melissa

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  • Melissa

    I didn't see the fuss in her, but she's got a knockout figure! That bikini is stunning!

  • luv

    i burn of luv for u

  • Jodie Atkinson
    Jodie Atkinson

    nice body kim!

  • Selma

    Gotta admit she has a great body!

  • kate

    THAT'S FAT? you asshole are one of the reasons for all the trouble with bullying, piece of shit!

  • noname3022

    hey fat (and definitely not curvy,that's fat) girl!Do you always bikini with make up on??You actually look like a pornstar here!!

  • Michael Shone
    Michael Shone

    Kims old & fat, Kourtney prego, the younger ones is where its at now adays... The old ladys need to pass the torch to their siblings where it belongs~!

  • Hannah Nothard
  • judith

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  • cristina

    Kourtney looks so good! Kim's face... was that really necessary? Her body looks sick though

  • Jordyy Sardelich
    Jordyy Sardelich

    did she make sure she took off her diamond earings this time

  • alanh