Melissa Rycroft on Postpartum Depression: I Was In a Bad, Dark Place

Television Personality, Melissa Rycroft happily shows off her newborn baby with her husband!
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In the latest issue of Us Weekly, on stands today, reality TV star Melissa Rycroft opens up about being diagnosed with postpartum depression in mid-2011 following the birth of her daughter, Ava.

In an emotional first-person narrative, the former Bachelor beauty, who was painfully dumped on live television by Jason Mesnick, in 2009, documents the struggles she faced as a new mom, revealing it quickly sent her into a "bad, dark place."

"I felt empty," Melissa, 29, recalls. "I'd put Ava in her crib and go outside and scream for a minute."

Melissa, who adds she resented husband Tye Strickland's busy work and life schedule after giving birth last February, says she quickly sought help from a doctor, which is when she was diagnosed with postpartum depression.

"He wanted to put me on meds," she says. "I was still in denial a little bit, so I put off seeing a therapist for six months. Now Tye and I go once a week. We talk about getting over my guilt, and the tears really flow."

Melissa, who says she wants to wait until she's "100 percent healthy and back to my best emotional state" before she and Tye have another baby, also reveals that part of her healing involves doing things for herself.

"I'm taking baby steps," she concludes. "But I am making progress."

Melissa married Tye, an insurance agent, on Isla Mujeres, a small island near Cancun, in December 2009.

Melissa isn't the only Hollywood star to suffer from postpartum depression. See more in our gallery below.

For more on Melissa Rycroft's story, pick up the latest copy of Us Weekly. You can also catch her on her new reality series, Melissa & Tye, which premieres April 20 at 9:30PM on CMT.
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  • SE

    So proud that Melissa was brave and shared her story. PPD is a really common thing and can be very dangerous if not acknowledged and treated. I hate that there's a stigma attached to PPD, like you're less of a woman or a bad mother if you suffer from it. I'm always glad when a celeb sheds light on the subject. I think it needs to be talked about and discussed more, not only so women can learn the facts but also men. It's important for men to understand what women go through after birth and how important support and love are. They need to be aware of warning signs and how to help. Go Melissa!

  • Courtney Puzzo
    Courtney Puzzo

    at Least Melissa is allowed to be honest about having suffered from PPD there was a time when women didn't talk about it