Miley Cyrus Flashes Serious Side Boob While Shopping Braless (PHOTOS)

Miley Cyrus was flying free on Tuesday when she stepped out braless!

The "Party in the USA" singer went shopping with her mom Tish Cyrus in Calabasas wearing nothing but a pair of tight jeans and an Iron Maiden cutoff tank top that revealed a lotta side boob. Upon leaving the store, Miley, 19, did cover up but the photographers had already got their sexy side shots. 

Miley didn't seem affected by the paparazzi's wandering eyes as she tweeted a photo of her mother-daughter day:

Miley's side boob sighting comes after speculation that the singer/actress was getting too thin. She quickly addressed the gossip via Twitter, writing: "For everyone calling me anorexic I have a gluten and lactose allergy. It's not about weight it's about health. Gluten is crapppp anyway!"

JJ Virgin -- one of the nation’s foremost fitness and nutrition experts, who authored of “Six Weeks to Sleeveless and Sexy” and starred in the TLC reality series, Freaky Eaters -- told Celebuzz that she thinks Miley is on the right track health-wise. "The toning is clearly from exercise, but I believe the fat loss was due to the elimination of dairy and gluten as I have seen similar effects with hundreds of clients.”



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  • Rose Pasley
    Rose Pasley

    she constantly being photographed cause she famous and those fuckers dont leave her alone i like the top its not like it showing anything worse than clevage..thats fuck all skin showing and people should get over themselves. least she doesnt give a shit.

  • Karla

    sometimes she forgets that she still has fans from 5 years!

  • Anastasia

    If my mother at that age ever saw me with no bra on and my side boobs visible to the public and pedo's, she would forever label me as a exhibitionist and with no morals. Hillbillies these day's man, always putting on a great show or the camera, aye? At least she has good taste in music, iron maiden is the only thing that justifies this photograph.

  • Anna

    Both of them look so sloppy...what's up with her mom's sweater?

  • eeee

    i see what you mean but i just didn't understand why u were saying the no bra thing was tacky and then saying 'we get it, u don't like wearing a bra'. it's not like she randomly started not to wear a bra, it's something she's done on a regular basis. I love miley too, but i just didn't really get why you were ruling it out as tacky and then saying you know she dislikes wearing bras, but whatevs it's your opinon and i respect that :)

  • Anna Caroline Azevedo
    Anna Caroline Azevedo

    Not what I meant, I mean if the sleeves didn't go all the way down like they did she wouldn't have been over exposed like she was... If she likes it fine whatever I personally didn't like that she showed some major side boob. I liked the outfit just not the side boob. No one's complaining, just expressing opinions. Just to be more clear so no one gets confused I called the no bra thing tacky not her, I'm like Miley I think she has great style, I just happen not to agree with this certain fashion statement.

  • jbd59

    that ain't photoshopped. that's real.

  • jbd59

    this girl is a serious exhibitionist. look for her to pose nude one day.

  • yolo

    how does calling someone a skank make them a perv? lol. you may need to look up pervert in the dictionary because you clearly have no idea of the meaning. ciao. xx

  • Abayeneme Queen
    Abayeneme Queen

    one word for u pervert

  • Gary

    LOVE the IRON MAIDEN shirt and the group!!!!

  • mary

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  • abby

    One word..skank

  • halledon

    my mom's paralyzed.. i see her boobs, vagina and butt everyday.. After all, it's just an organ

  • zebra11

    wow, who are u to go off at someone like that??? if they choose to like miley, its their choice and their life. just because you don't like miley, what gives you the right so spiteful?? every celeb has their fans and their haters, and i'm sure all the celebs you like have many haters and it probably upsets you to hear people saying rude things about them, so what gives you the right to attack someone who did nothing to you??? and your picking on their celebuzz name? at least they can spell.

  • eeee

    we all know she opts for the no bra look sometimes, so why complain and call it tacky if you know she always does it? no use of complaing about it cause miley is going to do what she likes despite what any1 else may think. personally i think it was very brave of her to rock the no bra look.

  • G uest
    G uest

    wtf are you babbling about?

  • surrsly?


  • surrsly?

    maybe because wearing no bra with a shirt whose sleeves go down past her rib cage is a little overkill...and then wondering why she's constantly being photographed.

  • surrsly?

    If you think everything she does is amazing you need to seriously reevaluate your choice in role models and really just your life in general. mileyismylife? Get a fucking life.

  • Nname


  • Nname

    Says the genius defending someone she doesn't even know...

  • eeee

    so if u get why she doesn't like wearing a bra, why are u complaining about it and calling her tacky? lolllll.

  • dave1001

    Miley's got really nice tits! Her mom's really hot too.

  • zzzzz

    and you need to learn how to spell 'bra'.

  • mileyismylife

    She is beautiful, she can pull off anything she wears and if she wants to show off a little side boob, then that's her choice. She is amazing no matter what she does, people need to just chill out. :)

  • Teresa Cano
    Teresa Cano


  • Anna Caroline Azevedo
    Anna Caroline Azevedo

    LOVE that outfit minus the no bra thing, thought that was a little tacky. We get it, you don't like wearing a bra.

  • Shelley

    For someone who moans and groans about the paps taking her pics all the time, she doesn't exactly help herself when shes dressed like a slutbag. Hey Miley, if you don't want the attention stop acting like your desperate for it. And grow the hell up!!!

  • Stephixx Ramiah
    Stephixx Ramiah

    check out the awesome ironmaiden jersey :D

  • Selma

    Omg it's just a boob, chill! A lot of celebrities have shown way more than a side boob..

  • helen

    well most people arent expected to be followed around by papparzi everywhere they go. its her decision and its not other people's right to tell her what to wear. you guys are just dumb and you are looking for attention.

  • diana

    she need to put a brar on

  • Kate

    nice boob, anyway :)

  • kendra

    Omg, what a hoe! honestly i am not surprised by this, she always pulls stuff like that. Even though she is grown up and all, doesn't mean you have to act like this

  • Elyse Hutchinson
    Elyse Hutchinson

    wish she would get rid of the ugly glasses !! they make her face look weird shaped