Octomom Nadya Suleman on ‘TODAY’: My Kids ‘Could Never Have a Better Mother’ (VIDEO)

Octomom Topless
The mother of 14 poses for a photo shoot.
Nadya Suleman, known colloquially, infamously, as the Octomom, made yet another appearance on the TODAY show Wednesday morning — this time, to address the latest death threats she received at her home in La Harba, CA.

In an exclusive interview, Nadya spoke candidly about an ominous note she received over the weekend that read, simply: “Leave California or die.” (See the letter on TMZ.)

“My daughter found it and then when we read it, I was so terrified, I threw it out,” she confessed, adding that she fished it out of trash later.

Nadya says this is the latest of “thousands” of death threats she’s received since she became pregnant with octuplets through in-vitro fertilization, in 2008 — a pregnancy that quickly made headlines around the globe.

“[The note] kind of exacerbated my anxiety and my fear of being out in the public, so I don’t really go out often. If I do, I’ll wear a wig or I’ll disguise myself,” she said.

Out of the spotlight for about a year, give or take, Nadya recently returned to the headlines in March when she posed nude for the British magazine Closer. The 36-year-old mother-of-14, who later told Celebuzz that she looked “corpse-like” in the photos, reportedly made $10,000 for the one-time gig, all so she could feed her kids and pay her bills.

Now, Nadya says the death threats are back, adding it’s “highly possible” that they are directly correlated to her recent media appearances, and her reveal that she’s on food stamps.

Still, despite the death threats and the negative press, Nadya insists her 14 children (yes, 14) are in the right hands. “They could never have a better home. A better home, physically, yes; we’re going to be moving. But they could never have a better mother,” she said.

Nadya, who admitted last week that she receives $2,000 per-month in foodstamps, also says she’s open to doing a reality show. “I’m very open-minded to doing any type of reality show. But I’m planning on getting off completely the food stamps — all of it — within a month,” she said.

Watch the full interview with TODAY in the video above.