Rihanna Reveals Unlikely Crush: 59-Year-Old Liam Neeson

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Rihanna’s young, gorgeous Battleship costars Alexander Skarsgard and Taylor Kitsch just aren’t doing it for her like a more mature man in the movie. 

The “S&M” singer, 24, revealed to British publication Company magazine that she has a crush is her 59-year-old costar Liam Neeson. She confessed, 

“I fell in love with [Liam Neeson] when I watched Taken and I was so star-struck, I couldn’t even look at him on set.”

Liam is 35 years Rihanna’s senior, but he still excites the sexy pop star turn actress, who disclosed, 

“I just had to shut down completely. Then he asked me for a picture with him to send to his son and I was like, ‘Send me this picture, I want it too!'”

Rihanna also admitted that she’s not immune to Alexander’s good looks, adding, “Oh my god, [Alexander Skarsgard]’s so hot! I mean, I went from gawking at him for hours every time I watched True Blood DVDs back-to-back on tour, then BOOM! He’s on set.”

She said of being around such sexy men, “I told myself, just breathe, act cool. Basically, I was acting on set and off set!”

Who do you think is the hotter Battleship star: Alexander, Taylor or Liam? Stand by your man in the comments.