Shirtless Mark Wahlberg Flexes Massive Muscles on Miami Beach (PHOTOS)

When we say Mark Wahlberg is a huge star — we mean both figuratively and literally. The 40-year-old dad is seriously yoked! 

Along with wife Rhea Durham and their children, he enjoyed some fun in the sun while he had a day off.

The Oscar-nominated actor is currently in Miami filming the Michael Bay movie Pain & Gain. The film centers around a pair of bodybuilders, which explains his sudden muscle explosion!

Mark has been flaunting hard-earned muscles around town while he films. Can you blame him? This certainly isn’t the first time he’s undergone a transformation for a role — he followed a very strict workout program to get in shape for The Fighter and also had long, flowing hair as the lead in Rock Star.

Here’s a little Hollywood romance trivia: Back in the day, Mark dated Soleil Moon Frye of Punky Brewster fame!