Bar Refaeli Strips Down for New Bikini Photo Shoot (PHOTOS)

What's better than Bar Refaeli on the beach? How about the sexy model in a slew of skimpy suits for a photo shoot?!

The Israeli-born stunner recently teamed up with Colombian company Agua Bendita again for their new 2012 summer campaign. Sporting a plethora of barely-there two pieces, Bar looked amazing as she flaunted her flawless figure for the bikini line.

Of course, this isn't Bar's first time stripping down in front of the camera. The 26-year-old also shot a commercial for her new underwear in nothing but -- what else? -- her bra and panties. Check out some of the ads' sexiest shots below.



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  • kamipj786

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  • Kat La Cariñosa
    Kat La Cariñosa

    I want a bikini like that! where can i qet one :O amazinq both

  • kamipj786

    OMG ! Perfection !!!!!


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