Birthday Day Girl Stephanie Pratt Rocks Red Bikini In Hawaii (PHOTOS)

Stephanie Pratt slipped into her birthday (bathing) suit on Wednesday, April 11.

The Hills alum was looking red hot in her teeny two-piece as she played in the waves on a beach in Hawaii. The reality star -- who turned 26 this week -- showed off her rock hard abs and tan skin as she attempted to get rid of those pesky tan lines with a strapless suit. 

However, it wasn't all fun and waves! The reality star tweeted a photo of a bloody surfing injury!

Stephanie brushed off the accident and was sure to send her gratitude to her Twitter followers, writing: "Thank you SO much for all of the birthday wishes!!! You guys have made this the most amazing birthday yet!! I LOVE YOU ALL!!#grateful :)"

So, was this a romantic getaway for Spencer Pratt's sister? Not likely, seeing as she recently told Us Weekly, "I'm not seeing anyone. I'm enjoying the single life but wish I had someone to vacation with."

Leave some birthday wishes for The Hills gal in the comments, and let us know who you think would be a good romantic match for Stephanie. 



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  • gab

    are u kidding?? her figure is beautiful, i'd kill for it. she has a flat tum, curves, good legs. what more could u want?! and she's always a very healthy weight. so shh mate.

  • true123

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  • Melinda Hill
    Melinda Hill

    her figure is hideous. wth is wrong with ppl's eyes???

  • mileyismylife

    Happy birthday Stephanie ! she is really beautiful and has such a good figure.

  • Moreijy Moh
    Moreijy Moh

    just woman no more

  • Sekiranda Archileo
    Sekiranda Archileo

    I love this