HLN Host On Amanda Bynes DUI Arrest: 'The Inner Child Gets Expressed, Even As You Get Older' (VIDEO)

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Award-winning television journalist and bestselling author, Jane Velez-Mitchell takes questions from Celebuzz reader’s on the latest celebrity news!

Jane dives into why young stars in Hollywood find themselves in this kind of trouble with the law, most recently Amanda Bynes, 26, who got arrested for allegedly driving under the influence.

“Its very hard to be in the spotlight when you are young, you never get to have a childhood really,”  Jane weighs in.

Check out the above video to hear more from Jane on this hot topic. Do you have celebrity questions you’d love to have answered?

You can catch Jane on her hit show Jane Velez-Mitchell airing at 7PM EST on HLN. It's here that she tackles the most controversial events with a wide range of viewpoints.  Check out HLNtv.com for more details.

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    Dude, I know whatcha mean. I have so many nagetmirhs about work -- even still about working at f.y.e. It was terrible since I had to be such a sleazebag and couldn't detach myself from "mindless automaton work mode" and being personally invested in my activities. Iunno, my parents try to say that it's just a way to get from point A to point B, but work permeates my life when I have it. :S Hoping I get the job at the zoo, and that it doesn't suck.Don't try to focus much on it, and once you've got a manager position I think it won't be so bad. If anything you'll be getting paid more and don't have to fret over other things. Just keep positive and hey, if it does suck that much, no harm in still looking to apply to other places but jobs are rough to come by nowadays.


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