Jessica Sanchez Saved By 'American Idol' Judges: Did She Deserve It? (POLL)


In one of the most shocking American Idol moments ever (emphasis on ever), powerhouse vocalist Jessica Sanchez found herself singing for the judges' save Thursday night, as the 16-year-old from San Diego, CA, somehow received the lowest number of votes from the previous night.

Luckily for Jessica, the judges were quick to correct America's vote -- so quick, in fact, that they didn't even let Jessica finish her performance.

"This is crazy! You ain't goin' home. Go sit down!" declared Jennifer Lopez as she, Randy Jackson and Steven Tyler approached the Idol stage in a hurry.

Randy seemed especially angry by America's vote, and pleaded to the viewers at home to vote for the best singers in the competition.

"[Jessica] is one of the best singers in America -- ever. Are you kidding me? Everybody please vote for the best. [This show is] about finding the best," he said.

Jessica, whose performance of Jazmine Sullivan's 'Stuttering' received high praise from the judges on Wednesady, stayed extremely humble about the results, taking it all in stride like a seasoned pro.

"I don't expect anything; I just do what I do. Whatever happens, happens," she told host Ryan Seacrest.

"I just want people to know that I've been working hard my whole life."

Since season 8, the judges have been given the opportunity to save one contestant from elimination, up to a certain point in the show. The idea was implemented to prevent talented singers from going home too early, as so often happened in previous seasons. (Hello, Jennifer Hudson, who incidentally, if not ironically, performed her new single, Think Like A Man, live on tonight's results show.)

Past recipients of the save were: Matt Giraud, in season 8; Michael Lynche, in season 9; and Casey Abrams, in season 10.

Still, even with the save, Idol isn't fool-proof from shocking eliminations. The judges were quick to save Abrams last season, and were then caught in a bind when talented balladeer Pia Toscano was eliminated by America just two weeks later. (The save can only be used once per-season.)

For now, at least, the save appears to have been used widely on Jessica, who has been a frontrunner to win season 11 ever since her performance of Whitney Houston's I Will Always Love You, last month. Check it out below:

What do you think: Did Jessica deserve to go home tonight? Or were the judges right in saving her? Vote now in our poll!



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  • Gine

    Jessica deserved to be saved!...all of the contestants, jessica is amazing, the youngest and looks like a professional singer!...others are always screaming and shouting like Jushua, sometimes sounds like OA..he has a wonderful voice but over acting, no emotional feelings always shouting!...

  • nene

    but in this competition compare to the other girls she is the best... i would vote for her and joshua but its too bad candian cant vote

  • nene

    same here...i stopped watching american idol when simon cowell left the show....i started watching it again because of jeesica...and believe american idol's rating went high because of her.

  • nene

    right but for some racist white americans they believe they own america and rest are just dirts in their country

  • nene

    thats right it s a singing competition. and agree with randy when he said jessica is one of the best singers in america..

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  • dana

    People from ex Yugoslavia likes Jessica, her voice and she deserve to win! She is THE BEST!

  • Betty

    THIS IS A WAKE UP CALL ! DONT YOU EVER FORGET NOR STOP VOTING FOR JESSICA SANCHEZ next week. Let's show them that they got it wrong last week.

  • Joseph Charles
    Joseph Charles

    Hmmm, Pinay? I know where your from. Few Americans know that word. Also, only to a part, I agree she should be let go. She has the best voice, not doubt there, but also, due to age, she is not "comfortable" yet I believe in spicing it up. Also some of that comes from being raised in the USA. If raised in the phils like the Pinay I've met, she would have that spice. But then, she would not be on American Idol. She IS for sure one of the best. So if she doesn't win, it doesn't bother me. But, she is NOT the one who got voted off. From all the reading I've done, there are a few facts people should know. 1. The judges have said that the producers HAVE been pressuring them to save someone. 2. There is a closure in the small print making it clear the votes are NOT the end all be all. So Jessica could have gotten the most votes every week (and I wouldn't be surprised if she did) and still be pushed to the bottom 3. Same with Josh. 3. The voting system is horrible. They need to limit the amounts of votes per phone line. No limits is just a horrible idea.

  • thea

    I think people forget what AMERICAN is. If you were BORN in AMERICA that makes you AMERICAN!

  • Angry Viewer
    Angry Viewer

    You stupid fucking Americans can't see that Colten is shit. Plus you try to get rid of Jessica?!

  • Joanna

    Are you crazy? This girl is amazing!

  • Emily

    I think the whole thing is stupid. I personally have NEVER voted for Jessica. Now before we start talking crap let's clear a few things up. I am a foreign born multi-racial woman. (counts out racism yes?) I am well over the age of 16 and think Colton should go cry in a corner somewhere. (ends the rest of your logic yes?) Continuing, I believe that they should just let Jessica go. The girl can sing..drop her, tomorrow she will have a record deal. I personally find her boring. I know she will every week get on stage and belt one out, but it's predictable. You're pinay...add some spice to it.

  • Edong Julian
    Edong Julian

    America was right every week that they voted except this week. Do not blame America. The computers that accept, record and count the votes were hacked/manipulated during this weeks voting. Impossible for the front runners to be at the bottom 3. America is not that stupid.

  • Glenn

    100% American? Seriously? So, an Asian who's born in the US is not 100% American? Tell me, who is 100% American? Correct me if I am wrong, but weren't the Indians (native Americans) the 100% Americans before the British butchered them out of their lands? You friggin racist!

  • Vinny H.
    Vinny H.

    think this was a failed attempt to recapture viewership by creating drama, but it felt a little staged for me. first, the bottom three jimmy predicted was saved, the judges reaction when it was jessica was not as genuine was i was hoping for and last jessica was so calm through the process if she was really eliminated wouldnt she be crying? thats my theory.

  • Chelle

    Jessica Sanchez deserves to win! I have watched all of them and honestly only Joshua seems to be closer to Jessica's caliber, this news of Jessica getting the lowest vote after fantastic and remarkable performances she gave out time after time, is stupid. This is a theory and trust me in TV industry this is very common. A. American Audience who have not recognized the talent of this young lady seems to be forgetting what is the real meaning of superb quality /talent is all about. they got so used to crappy talents with big boobs, nice butt and hunk face...very superficial. B. The show is Pre conditioning the minds of the viewer with the information that she gets lowest votes, it is a wise move for fox because if they stirred in a different direction and let other less talented contestant win it would be easy for them to initiate and explain that "hey the America have spoken, they don't want her to be their Idol" seriously? If America really caters to a talent this girl is what AMERICAN IDOL is ALL ABOUT! C. Or simply American Audience who did not vote for her and voted for other less talented contestant seems to be just plain racist... why? because Jessica is not PURE AMERICAN by blood? C'mon She is American by Birth, She and the family lived all their lives in America and His Dad even give his Service to US Navy, in risk of loosing his life as well as their families sacrifice when deployed in Iraq to think that He is Mexican , isn't that enough proof that She and her Family are more American and for America compare to any American by blood? Please think! Or else next time the Network should specify their search for contestant. --------------------------​-------------------- *American Idol Audtion requirement: Who can sing, does not have to be great, just think you are great. Have a face Value. With a sound mind. Pure Blooded American, NO MIX. BORN in AMERICA. PARENTS BOTH AMERICANS by BLOOD - NO IMMIGRANTS. LIVE IN AMERICA. --------------------------​----------------- JESSICA SANCHEZ DESERVES TO WIN AMERICAN IDOL!

  • Emmy Isle
    Emmy Isle

    Next time or SOONER? LMAO when will that be??

  • Emmy Isle
    Emmy Isle

    This JUST proves AI is a popularity contest... no wonder Simon left, first PIA now Jess... messed up! Get it together AI fans!

  • heep

    there are many talented singers besides jessica s. who also work hard all their lives and love to sing. hello... she is not the only good singer out there.

  • SkyDance

    Don't '100%' Americans ever remember that their folks all were foreigners (way back before taking this land from under natives, not even born in the 'good 'ole USA') before they all became 100% Americans!

  • Democrat

    Fucking Rednecks! Those Rednecks are really stupid they won't vote for Obama because he is black, they won't vote for Jessica cuz she is latina and asian, and joshua cuz he is black. Rednecks vote for that stupid skyler who sings lika fuckin pig. stupid rednecks who voted for the I love you this big guy with no talent. damn

  • xian

    the essence of the competition is nothing at all without not into AI but when i heard about this trending jessica, i could never have been watching the show..well, let's vote for the best..

  • kikiwaaw

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  • Amor Ropan
    Amor Ropan

    well ,DISCRIMINATION still EXIST in this world i guess.... jessica sanchez deserved to seat back....

  • Tony

    Anyone who says Jessica has no talent or is boring... or what ever negativity being spouted are racist, a silly 16 year old white girl drooling over Colton or just plain ole fucking stupid

  • Tony

    Anwer: An ilimformed trap in a slutty swimsuit who couldn't spot talent in a motown review

  • Tony

    Your just a tramp in a swimsuit whoring for attention! Your asinine comments are about as desperate as your desire for attention. Put some clothes slut & pray to what ever pagan god you worship to grant you .10 of Jessica's talent.

  • albert

    whew, no save power for the judges anymore. I am negative, Jessica will be voted out nxt time or sooner. American Idol is for 100% americans, so Jessica if u win the contest, it is a miracle indeed. At least, you have shared your real talent across the universe. Wish you Jessica, the best of luck. You are our winner and real Idol.

  • Anna Trodat
    Anna Trodat

    The American Idol judges have great taste. So glad Jessica Sanchez was saved! Yay!

  • Maria

    You are sooooooo Wrong!

  • Maria

    I already stopped watching AI. But this season, I started watching again when I heard Jessica sang Whitney's song I will Always Love You.

  • Danni Zeidan
    Danni Zeidan

    Who is this Danni Zeldan?

  • Karen Edwards
    Karen Edwards

    Well Randy said it right, She is the best on the show, & I believe it was a set up deal myself

  • Danni Zeidan
    Danni Zeidan

    Jessica might not have been the worst LAST NIGHT, but she is SO NOT as good as the judges say she is--no real "curb appeal"--not all that special. The judges get pissed-off when the voters don't do what they say...don't agree with them. The public buys the records, people. Take THEIR votes seriously!!!!!

  • Praba

    When I heard the news, I was shocked. Of course the judges are right and she deserved to be in the competition. She sung very well, her voice was spectacular.

  • Shelley

    Seriously, I am almost tempted to stop watching this show because Jessica Sanchez is the BEST singer on that stage and to be the one to be voted off is beyond ridiculousness. This isn't a beauty contest or a pretty boy groupie contest, folks, its a singing competition! Get real!!!!!

  • jess

    I think it was set up. Their is no way that Hollie was not in the bottom 3. As for Elise, she butchered that Lady GaGa song last night, so she should have been the one to go. I'll admit that I felt kinda bad for the others when the judges went on stage to tell Jessica she was safe and how Randy was saying that she was the best singer in the competition and that everyone should vote for the best. The rest of the contestants (especially Skylar and Elise) had smug looks on their faces.

  • Maria

    Of course the judges were right! Everyone knows Jessica was not the worst among the seven, duh!