Man Contradicts Lindsay Lohan's Fight Denial, Actress Says 'Let Cops Finish Investigation' (NEW DETAILS)

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Is Lindsay Lohan lying about being at home at the time when a woman claimed the starlet shoved her at the Standard Hotel's nightclub in Hollywood, Calif., on April 5?

According to a new witness who has reportedly provided a statement to the L.A. County Sheriff's Department, she is. The unnamed man has claimed 25-year-old Lohan was indeed at the Smoke and Mirrors venue when she allegedly attacked Marisa Dugas.

He even broke up the fight, TMZ reported Thursday.

The emergence of the secret witness challenges the actress' story that she was at home watching television at the time of the alleged nightclub scuffle.

When asked to comment on the latest development, a spokesman for the Mean Girls star, Steve Honig, told Celebuzz: "We're going to let the Sheriff's department complete their investigation before we comment any further."

Lohan has requested police complete an investigation of Dugas, alleging she filed a fake police report.

"It's egregious," Honig told CNN earlier this week. Lindsay wasn't even there. This is not something that's exaggerated. It's something that was completely fabricated.

"People need to understand that there are consequences," he added.

"You can't just make accusations, file false police reports, and expect you'll walk away from it and nothing's going to happen to you. This woman's going to learn a very tough lesson in these next few weeks."



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  • Michael Prymula
    Michael Prymula

    This guy is obviously in on it with Marisa, all the other witneses interviewed siad they never saw Lindsay at the Standard, so how come this guy waited until now to say that he saw Lindsay?

  • @~

    She will be clean as usual. ,when she will die..I hate her so much