Plastic Surgeon Slams Adele Nose Job Reports (EXCLUSIVE)

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Rumor has it Adele got a nose job, but Celebuzz expert and board-certified plastic surgeon Dr. Gabriel Chiu of Beverly Hills Plastic Surgery says not so fast!!!

Based on a number of photos, "I don’t believe that Adele has had a nose job," Dr. Chiu says.  "If you compare her nose in each photo to features that you cannot change -- her pupils and stunning eyes -- the ratio appears to be the same."

He goes on to say that if she did have work, it wasn't much of a change. "The features of the nose are similar as well," he adds. "If she had something done, it was too subtle. I doubt that she had her nose done ... It doesn't appear that the nuances (the bumps and curves) of her nose have changed. Usually when patients have a rhinoplasty procedure, they ask for more overall definition or multiple subtle changes rather than just one. I would give Adele benefit of the doubt that she did not undergo Rhinoplasty."

As for any noted change in her appearance? "I believe that she got a better makeup artist and stylist," he concludes. "There may have been a narrowing through her mid-vault, but the look can also be accomplished with makeup."

The singer has also lost some weight and gotten in better shape since her recent throat surgery -- and she also quit smoking!  

Connect with Dr. Chiu on on Twitter @DrChiu_BHPSinc -- and be sure to follow @CELEBUZZ as well! 

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  • Lildemon179

    Size really doesn't matter, as long as you're healthy and fit. It's great that she's quit smoking and it's nice to see her looking more radiant than ever =)

  • Just_Saying

    And if she did, so what!!!! If it makes her feel better, go ahead and do it. She is not being rated by her nose but by the music she makes. And she sure as hell kicks ass in that department.

  • mylene

    Haha! People really think that when you drop weight you lose fat in the nose..? Seriously... C'mon!

  • sophie

    I agree!

  • Annie B
    Annie B

    Refreshing to see a professional NOT claim plastic surgery.

  • Jessica Reeves
    Jessica Reeves

    she lost weight !! if you think your nose isnt bigger when you are bigger, thats wrong. i was thin, and after having my daughter i have continued to stay heavier! my nose is definitely bigger as im heavier! all anyone wants to do is hate on people!

  • Collette Ojeda
    Collette Ojeda

    She just lost weight people, that's all. C'mon idiots. SMH

  • Rachel Rawlings
    Rachel Rawlings

    shes beautiful and who cares jealous much

  • SanzRod Denise
    SanzRod Denise