Plastic Surgeon Slams Adele Nose Job Reports (EXCLUSIVE)

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Rumor has it Adele got a nose job, but Celebuzz expert and board-certified plastic surgeon Dr. Gabriel Chiu of Beverly Hills Plastic Surgery says not so fast!!!

Based on a number of photos, “I don’t believe that Adele has had a nose job,” Dr. Chiu says.  “If you compare her nose in each photo to features that you cannot change — her pupils and stunning eyes — the ratio appears to be the same.”

He goes on to say that if she did have work, it wasn’t much of a change. “The features of the nose are similar as well,” he adds. “If she had something done, it was too subtle. I doubt that she had her nose done … It doesn’t appear that the nuances (the bumps and curves) of her nose have changed. Usually when patients have a rhinoplasty procedure, they ask for more overall definition or multiple subtle changes rather than just one. I would give Adele benefit of the doubt that she did not undergo Rhinoplasty.”

As for any noted change in her appearance? “I believe that she got a better makeup artist and stylist,” he concludes. “There may have been a narrowing through her mid-vault, but the look can also be accomplished with makeup.”

The singer has also lost some weight and gotten in better shape since her recent throat surgery — and she also quit smoking!  

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