President Obama on Kanye West: ‘He Is a Jackass, But He’s Talented’

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Looks like President Barack Obama still isn’t Kanye West’s biggest fan.

Back in 2009, after the infamous Kanye/Taylor Swift MTV Video Music Awards incident, our Commander-in-chief referred to the “Theraflu” rapper as a “jackass,” and a few years later, his view still hasn’t changed. In the latest issue of The Atlantic, the president mentions that he actually prefers Jay-Z’s music over Kanye’s but does mention: “I like Kanye. He’s a Chicago guy. Smart. He’s very talented.”

However, Obama still holds on to his belief that the 34-year-old rap superstar is a “jackass.”

The Atlantic reporter recalled that “when the interview reminded Obama of his comment from 2009, he replied, ‘He is a jackass. . . But he’s talented.'”

We wonder what Kanye’s pal Kim Kardashian would think about these comments?

What do you think about the president’s remarks? Are you team Kanye, or team Barack? Sound off in the comments!

Obama isn’t the only one talking about Kanye: Khloe Kardashian addressed the Kimye rumors on Ellen!