Zac Efron Shows How to Unhook Bra, ‘You Just Pinch & Slide’ (VIDEO)

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Zac Efron really is all grown up, isn't he?

While promoting his latest film, The Lucky One, the 24-year-old actor and one of the Australian interviewers got on the topic of bra removal, (since there's a scene in the movie where Zac's character does just that) and the High School Musical star showed off this accquired skill.

Talk about a smooth operator!

In addition to Zac's bra removal tutorial, he was also spotted at The Lorax premiere last month, dropping a condom on the red carpet.

We wonder what his rumored gal pal Lily Collins thinks about all this?

Watch the video above for Zac's full tutorial.
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  • Pratima

    “Where’s Efron?” Hahaha! I bet Rob would more than gladly leave the stiglopht to him poor man But no, I don't think Efron could pull it off because there is a basic, simple difference between Zac Efron and Robert Pattinson: Rob does not need to get dirty and pose with a naked model to be sexy. He can be completely dressed, leaning to a wall, looking down and he is already a hundred thousand times sexier than Efron could ever hope to dream in his wildest dreams.

  • Sanjna Jain
    Sanjna Jain

    okayyy even I can't take off my bra like THAT

  • Lauren Lipkin
    Lauren Lipkin

    candy do you know how to stfu?

  • candy

    Did he also show how to put on a condom?