Alec Baldwin and Fiancée Hilaria Thomas Make Out in Rome (PHOTOS)

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Alec Baldwin and Hilaria Thomas have fled to Rome!

While the actor’s professional life may be in question, his love life is anything but. The proof is in these latest photos from Thursday, in which the (soon-to-be-former?) 30 Rock star can be seen making out with his fiancee, Hilaria, in Italy

In fact, the actor — who confirmed his engagement last week — was so smitten with her, he even went in for a dip kiss, in vain of the famous LIFE photograph from the end of World War II.

Alec is in Rome for the premiere of his new film, To Rome, With Love, from Oscar-winning director Woody Allen. Yesterday, the actor tweeted about his trip, saying:

“So nice to be in Rome, where the paparazzi don’t step on a baby to get a photo…..”

That, of course, was a likely reference to his run-ins with the paparazzi over the last few weeks, after it was revealed that he was being stalked by French-Canadian actress Genevieve Sabourin. Alec reportedly had a tiff with staffers at the TODAY show, who allegedly showed up outside his apartment in New York City, leading him to tweet: “I think I’m leaving NBC just in time.”

The controversial tweet led many to speculate a number of things, including whether Alec was planning to leave 30 Rock, and whether NBC had plans to cancel the show after its current sixth season.

Tina Fey addressed the controversy Wednesday on The View, saying: “As far as I know, he’s not leaving the show; we’re all in this together. I think he just maybe means that … the end of the show is visible on the horizon.”

Yesterday on his Twitter, Alec added: “As far as I know, 30 Rock is back next year. But all things must pass. New shows. New people.”


So, while the future of 30 Rock remains in limbo, enjoy these photos of Alec getting his PDA on. Clearly, he seems to be enjoying it, too!