Alessandra Ambrosio Shows Off Huge Bikini'd Baby Bump! (PHOTOS)

Birthday bikini baby bump!

Victoria's Secret model Alessandra Ambrosio was seen flaunting her huge baby bump on the beach while celebrating her birthday this week.

The 31-year-old beauty, who is currently expecting her second child (a boy!), shared the photo on her Facebook, and included a sweet message to all her fans.

"Thank u all for the wonderful birthday wishes!!! Have a great weekend everybody!!!"
Sure, the Brazilian supermodel is sporting a large baby bump, but she still managed to look sexy!

See more of Alessandra's best bikini looks by clicking through the gallery!

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  • Gopi

    this is great thanks!can you pls do some FUNKY, FUN, BRIGHT, COLORFUL make up looks pls. like rnhiana's new music video where she has bright yellow eyes?? thanks kandee i <3 you!!!

  • Priscila

    Linda demais!

  • yu

    well 'ick' means ew, and ew basically means disgusting, so awkies for u.. well u should choose ur words more carefully next time mate. Alessandra is beautiful, pregnant or not. I don't see how a circular belly looks alien-like to u, cos cleary there is nothing alien-like about a circle shaped stomach.

  • Menisha Bonelli
    Menisha Bonelli

    1. When I am in disgust I use expressions a lot stronger than 'ick'. 2. I can clearly see that its circular...that's part of what makes it alien looking to ME! It's just MY opinion. It might not look that way to YOU, but it does TO ME. A pregnant stomach is weird looking to ME. Jeez, people are so sensitive.

  • yu

    so if you dn't find it disgusting, then why was the first word of yur comment, 'ick'?? it's not alien-like, the belly is circular as u can see, it's just the belly buttton that pops out a little.

  • Menisha Bonelli
    Menisha Bonelli

    I have no problems with public nursing. The nudity isn't the problem. It's just that the shape of a pregnant stomach looks very "alien-like" to me. It's not disgusting and I'm not grossed out by it, it's just weird looking. And where did you see me say she's huge? Compared to the many pregnant women I've seen, she's not huge.

  • true123

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  • Debbie Tittle
    Debbie Tittle

    why??? Bet you have a problem with public nursing as well. SMH. And to add, the headline.. c'mon, she is NOT huge!!!

  • Menisha Bonelli
    Menisha Bonelli

    Ick. I know pregnancy is a natural & beautiful thing, but I always find myself very slightly weirded out by seeing a pregnant woman in a bikini or nude.

  • Jessica

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