Amanda Bynes Caught Texting While Driving Following DUI Arrest (PHOTO)

Amanda's DUI Mugshot
Amanda Bynes arrested for drinking & driving. Read More »

Amanda Bynes isn't letting a little thing like being arrested get in the way of her good time. A little over a week after her arrest for allegedly driving under the influence, the What I Like About You star was seen leaving the Hollywood hotspot Chateau Marmont on Sunset Boulevard, and was caught on camera breaking the law. 

The actress, who just turned 26 on April 3, was texting while driving as she headed to another nightclub, Greystone Manor. In the state of California, it is illegal to text on your phone while driving. 

Amanda was arrested in the early morning on March 30 when she attempted pass a cop. Instead of successfully passing the car, she side-swiped the vehicle. The police then pulled her over where she was arrested for driving under the influence, with bail being set at $5,000 that she posted and was released.

There were also reports about a month ago that Amanda was pulled over for talking on her cell phone, and attempted to drive away. Guess some people never learn, as is evident in this latest photo. 
Amanda Bynes All Grown
Amanda Bynes All Grown Up
Yep, Amanda Bynes is all grown up. Read More »


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  • Rachael Stavrum-Petty
    Rachael Stavrum-Petty

    OMG really honestly i bet not one person that is involved in this story hasnt text and drove since the law came into affect really you all need to leave ppl alone its sad really

  • vettech15

    What has happened to her!? I used to love her in her movies, because she was funny and such a sweet person, now it seems like she doesn't have a rat's ass about anything... I wish her the best of luck, because she's going to need it.. I don't know how she can still keep affording nice cars like the one in the picture.. she retired at 24, and isn't doing nothing besides breaking the law.