Box Office Battle: ‘The Cabin in The Woods’ vs. ‘Detention’ (POLL)

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Josh takes a break from filming to paddle board in Hawaii
This weekend’s box office will be a blood bath between Josh Hutcherson and Chris Hemworth — only in the land of cinema, of course!

The Cabin in The Woods and Detention both deal with a mass murder that is rampaging through a small town, but both films have totally different takes on the classic horror story tale. The biggest question is: Which hunk will you spend the weekend with: Chris or Josh?!

The Cabin in the The Woods is a horror movie that takes place in an abandoned cabin that a group of college kids have chosen as their destination for a trip.

Chris Hemsworth stars as Curt, who’s cousin owns the cabin. Eerie scenarios and stories are told to the campers during their stay. As you might imagine, the remote dwelling is more than they bargain for, leaving the teens to find out the truth behind the cabin’s surprising history.

In Detention, a class of high school seniors are stalked by a serial killer named “Cinderhella.” Josh Hutcherson stars as Clapton Davis, who is sentenced to detention after his principal (Dane Cook) finds him as a suspect in the recent killing of a fellow student. Watch the trailer below: 

Which horror film hunk will you watch this weekend, Josh in Detention or Chris in Cabin the Woods? Vote in our poll to let us know!