Branding Expert on Amanda Bynes’ DUI: It’s Actually A Great Opportunity (EXCLUSIVE)

Amanda's DUI Mugshot
Amanda Bynes arrested for drinking & driving.
Known for her “good girl” image, Amanda Bynes surprised fans when she was busted for DUI after sideswiping a cop car while attempting to pass it. Brand Strategist Monica Cost from tells Celebuzz that while the incident is a serious blow to her image, Amanda can actually use this as an opportunity to advance her career and widen her fan base. 

“People now know that she’s a regular girl next door as opposed to the perfect girl next door,” Monica says. We can relate!

Admittedly, Monica says, “the harder it is to comeback from her fall from grace [when you have a clean cut image].”

Her advice would be to leverage the shift in perspective to her advantage. “I would absolutely suggest that she take on some edgier roles,” Monica adds. “Maybe incorporate more of her authentic self.”

For the immediately future, “I would have her do an interview [to talk about the DUI],” she says. “I would want her to give people more insight to who she is authentically. And to apologize that she put people in danger.”

Monica sees this as a chance for Amanda to mature a bit in the public eye. “It’s actually a great opportunity,” she says. “Nobody got hurt, it was minor, but I think if people are clutching their pearls it’s a good time to say ‘I’m not as perfect as you think I am.'”

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