Chris Hemsworth: Kristen Stewart Would Hold Her Own With 'The Avengers' (EXCLUSIVE)

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Could Snow White take down Thor?

Not necessarily, but Chris Hemsworth, 28, said Kristen Stewart, 22, has an open invitation to hang with the badass boys of Marvel's The Avengers.

"Hell ya," Chris told Celebuzz at The Avengers junket when we asked if Snow White and the Huntsman is really as badass as we are all expecting. But would she hold her own with the superheros?

"I think so," smiled Hemsworth. "Why not? We need some more girls."

In all seriousness, Chris was very genuine when praising SWATH and Stewart. "She's very talented. It was great working with her," he said, adding that Kristen is "awesome" at playing the fearless heroin. 

Snow White and the Huntsman hits theaters June 1, but you can catch Chris up first in The Avengers, which is out May 4.

One scene that was particularly memorable to Hemsworth in Avengers was when the gang is assembled for the first time together on the bridge.

"That was our first day on set, with the whole ensemble. It's a pretty exciting and nerve-wracking experience, but it was amazing."
He continued: "I remember thinking, 'This is the moment!'"

Come back to Celebuzz next week for much more on The Avengers!



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  • c

    your comment caused all the commotion in the first place you related an innocent question about if he thought that snow white would be able to hold her own in a fight against the avengers to her stunt work, which by the way didn't have anything to do with the article. they said if the fictional character snow white would could hold her own against the fictional character the avengers.nothing was said about her stunts which by the way if she didn't do her own because of insures issue then neither did again your comment is completely off base

  • Sam

    I love KStew and absolutely find her addicting... but comparing her to heroin is a bit much. It's HEROINE... with an 'e' on the end, Taryn. :)

  • Stupid

    Again, I did not attack her and I am sure she did a fair amount of her own stunts, like fighting scenes etc. But as I said above, the focus should be on her acting, not on trying to make her sound tough as all cost. The Avengers question was just dumb imo. I am done now. You can all rant as you want.

  • Stupid

    i dont hate Kristen. I actually like her and think she is a good actress. but thinking that she slid down a sewer pipe or jumped off a tall cliff is just ridiculous people. I mean come on - no studio/insurance company is going to allow that anymore than they allowed R and K to do it in BD1. The comments were not against Kristen. They were about the stupid question of whether she would hold her own against the Avengers. Just a dumb, stupid question. The part about how Chris H. feels about her acting and having worked with her is great. Stop being so ready to attack everyone that has a opinion that differs from yours. Try re-reading what I wrote and you will see in NO way did I attack Kristen.

  • elyn

    What's ridiculous is you trying to make it seem like Kristen didn't do majority of the stunts which she actually DID. As someone who got to visit while they were shooting her stunt double wasn't even needed most of the time unless you believe the stunt double put Kristen's head on her body. By chance you do believe that there is nothing more I can say that will get through. It's not that hard to give a person credit for a job well done. Great article! Can't wait to see Swath & The Avengers.

  • kvaughn75

    Pot calling kettle? LOL your hate for Kristen is so transparent. Pathetic. "You can't handle the truth!" LOL. Rupert Sanders said she did most of her stunts. Given all of the injuries Kristen clearly earned while filming (of course you want us all to believe she faked them, right?) quoting Kristen, "it's so obvious". Taryn is a fan. Deal with it. If you don't like Kristen than WHY ARE YOU HERE???

  • Angelus

    Your comment was stupid. Learn to check your facts before posting. Kristen did most of her own stunts and you would know this if you had bothered to check it out. There was a stunt double for some of the stunts on the horse. All others were done by Kristen herself. Get over your hate. Kristen is well thought of by her costars and many others in Hollywood.

  • Stupid

    This has got to be one of the stupidest articles I have ever seen you write, Taryn. Just ridiculous. How about asking some real questions - what is supposed to say. You and the rest of the world do realize that most of the real stunt work was done by a stunt person, not her. The producer is going to say it was her, it sells the film. But it was not, we all saw her stunt double doing the dangerous stuff. And that is the way it should be. Trying to make her look tougher than she is just makes it all ridiculous.