Jada Pinkett Smith Addresses Marital Rumors: They're 'Completely Untrue'

After months of silence, Jada Pinkett Smith has finally addressed the rumors that her long-term marriage to actor Will Smith is headed for divorce.

"These rumors are completely untrue," Smith told French magazine Gala (via PEOPLE). "I travel a lot because of my work, just like Will does. ... But our lifestyle hasn't changed. Before we had the kids, we were already far away from each other quite often because of separate projects."

The rumors first started last summer, and went as far as to allege that Jada had hooked up with Jennifer Lopez's ex-husband, Marc Anthony. A rep for Jada quickly shot down the Marc Anthony connection, though, at the time, was unwilling to address the status of Jada and Will's marriage.

"Everything about the Marc Anthony story is completely false, but we are not commenting on whether they are separating or not," the rep said.

A rep for Will also stepped in, telling Entertainment Tonight:
"Although we are reluctant to respond to these types of press reports, the rumors circulating about our relationship are completely false. We are still together, and our marriage is intact."
Months after the rumors first broke, Jada expressed confusion to Gala, admitting she had no idea where they came from in the first place. "Every year, one celebrity couple is under the microscope. This year, unluckily, it's us! I almost want to say that we should have been expecting it," she said.

"Will and I know the truth. We're waiting peacefully for the storm to blow over."

Jada and Will most recently appeared at the Kids' Choice Awards in March, alongside their two kids, Jaden and Willow.

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  • Deborah D Fox
    Deborah D Fox

    I love you both ur the best couple in televison. Jade my daugther looks like u. Will PLEASE always LUV Jada and keep ur FAMILY 2gether and HAPPY.

  • bev1314

    Jada is just so beautiful!

  • swede1

    Hi Jada & Will, I am a 44yr. old , Co-Owner of a Meat Wholesale Company. I am also the Treasurer & Certified Food Safety Manager & to get this high up in ** MANLAND!**, that is what I call my Industry is huge, I only know of ; 2 other woman as high up in ** MANLAND ** , it is still a boy's club. I write this because I know you know what it is like to be a Woman , a Smart-One & I think you are like me , take any Crap !! To top it off , I am a Blonde (REAL) Blue Eyed Woman, make's it a little tougher , but my Dad taught me alot , along with my Mom. JADA, You are in the GROUP of WOMAN , that when they realize that we are not only GoodLooking but have a BRAIN & USE IT , that is when all the hater's come out. I have been Married , going on 19yrs. this Oct.2012 I AM A CANCER SURVIVOR, FOUND OUT ALMOST TO THE EXACT DATE OF OUR FIRST ANNIVERSARY, AND AFTER 8-1/2 YEAR'S OF EVASIVE & PAINFUL PROCEDURE'S I ENDED UP HAVING A COMPLETE HYSTRO. AT THE AGE OF 35 ! I AM A PROUD TO SAY I AM GOING ON 9yrs. CANCER FREE, BUT EVERY 3yrs. I AM STILL NERVOUS. I DO NOT KNOW HOW ALL OF YOU DO IT , WITH EVERYTHING YOU DO OR DO NOT DO IS ALWAYS' IN THE PAPER. JUST STAY AS STRONG AS YOU ARE , THEY ARE ALL A BUNCH OF HATER'S!!! WHEN IT COME'S TO BEING A STRONG WOMAN, EVERYONE DECIDE'S THAT WE ARE EITHER THE B-WORD OR SOMEONE IS HELPING US. WE SCARE THEM THAT WE ARE SMART & POWERFUL AND CAN ACTUALLY DO SOMETHING ON OUR OWN. GOOD LUCK TO BOTH OF YOU!!! SWEDE1 EastCoast

  • kay

    what were they thinking lol still cute!

  • kay

    her hair looke beautiful^_^