Kim Kardashian Strips Down to Lingerie for Photo Shoot, See More of Her Instagram Photos!

Damn, girl!

Thanks to the wonderful powers of Instagram, Kim Kardashian recently gave fans a behind-the-scenes look at her lingerie photo shoot for Cosmopolitan UK. During the shoot, which took place in May 2011, Kim, 31, stripped down to nothing but a lace bra and panties. 

Check out Kim's shoot, plus more of her photos from her Instagram, in our gallery now! 

For all-things Kim Kardashian, be sure to check out her official blog by clicking here!



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  • True story bro
    True story bro

    thats not sexy , that is fat. Thats just too fu***ing much... She is a big fat cow.

  • Jo

    Is is really necessary for her to posts pictures of herself all day?! Really? who cares!

  • joe

    wow take my breath away :)

  • joe

    thats pure sexy hmmm :)

  • Dean Murray
    Dean Murray

    ^^^^^ Sick Pig ........ I think she Looks like a kid ......

  • gy


  • YB

    that looks like a persian cat.. am i right?

  • Cristian

    One love, one passion...Kim

  • Erinne42

    What a great photo of the three of you!!! I love it

  • BIG AL
    BIG AL

    she looks fat!


    Am in love with this pic i cant get over it k west dosent realize what he has i cant wait to meet you yr the BOMB and the BEST your mom and dad made the most beautiful girl in the world rip to your dad my dad past away in 2008 so i know what it feels like .stay strong keep looking hot.1love

  • Cecilia Alejandra
    Cecilia Alejandra

    Kim, you're so perfect! Don't listen to the comments, you're beautiful :) I admire you

  • Raq

    I like the whole look and she looks absolutely beautiful...BUT! it kinda makes her look old, kinda something her mom should be wearing. Kim this is not for you! And your BF prolly would like to see the booty hang out!

  • iman


  • m.gomez

    mom jeans ..aka mom swimsuit..umm no kim yuk..

  • iman


  • iman

    Beautifull Kim !

  • iman

    so sexy , Kim

  • iman


  • Keith

    When I go to the eye doctor to have my eyes checked, why do they make me read all those crazy letters on the wall? They could just show me a pic of you in your bathing suit, I can say yes I see you oh my and just give me my prescription?

  • Zoal

    I wish i was kanye .. damn !!!

  • Hannah Pearson
    Hannah Pearson

    That gold thing around your waist is not flattering. makes you look like a snowman with expensive taste.

  • akshay


  • akshay

    you r hot angle of my dream

  • Sasha Monroe
    Sasha Monroe

    Wow your boobs are as big as mine lol :D Cute! :)

  • Mark Thomas
    Mark Thomas

    god she is hot, out of this world

  • Jessica Livia-Mariani
    Jessica Livia-Mariani

    there is surgery with wich you can injecting fat in ass so its not implants and we can not see anything with x-rays

  • Punam

    Hey Kim... Saw u at the beach this afternoon with Kourtney, my sister left my phone on the bar in all the excitement n now it has been stolen :( Also saw u outside the hotel, u looked absolutely stunning!!! I guess the highlight was to see u! We are also staying at the Eden Roc and have left a note for u, hope it reaches u, we have been told the manager who comes in at 7:30am may approve to send it up to you, we leaving on Wednesday going bak to London! Hope we can meet u n have a picture taken with u too !! Love u girls loads xxx

  • Brieck CorleoneEplei ArttooBugatta
    Brieck CorleoneEplei ArttooBugatta

    Wow Salute?.i think that's your best piCture ever

  • David A
    David A

    aqui si se ve bien buena!

  • David A
    David A

    hay que bajarle a los tacos

  • Randy Don Holla
    Randy Don Holla

    smooch kisses sweet!

  • Randy Don Holla
    Randy Don Holla

    adorable lady cute!

  • Randy Don Holla
    Randy Don Holla

    KK cutie sweet!

  • Randy Don Holla
    Randy Don Holla

    You look good with the tongue-out!

  • Randy Don Holla
    Randy Don Holla

    ticky lovely cute!

  • Randy Don Holla
    Randy Don Holla

    two-o mingle cute!

  • MDMA , XD
    MDMA , XD

    is it just me or who ellse is loving thoes "mellons" - (0_o) - in the background.... yess, the background (O_0)

  • Pravin Verma
    Pravin Verma

    Kim u r supperrr hottt...


    No it was her ass they x-rayed it was the oldest sister who got her boobs x-rayed and they were fake

  • Ramiro Garza
    Ramiro Garza

    Actually they did an episode on that on KUWTK. They x-rayed her boobs and no implants showed up on the radar. Actually watch the show.

  • Mkmmos

    She's So Fucking Pretty

  • jwad.alshrq

    Question number two Kim large elderly ... yes

  • Yam

    I love you kim!!!! from ARGENTINA!!

  • jwad.alshrq


  • jwad.alshrq

    Question number one Are you beautiful .......?

  • Martin Buckfast Smyth
    Martin Buckfast Smyth

    were you fuckin heavily intoxicated when you sent this mate?

  • Martin Buckfast Smyth
    Martin Buckfast Smyth

    Dang Gurll! When you gonna let me and Kanye double-team that ass?!

  • Only1

    ^^ that was dumb............

  • Bian

    you look very bad!!!!

  • Me

    Oh, fuck yeah.

  • Shannon Schemkes
    Shannon Schemkes

    I agree with Stephanie and Brittany... You are so beautiful, but your eyes look very sad in this picture...

  • fernado

    u r the most beautiful girl in the world:)

  • charlybrwn134

    im liking the lack of make up

  • Jose Angel Figueroa
    Jose Angel Figueroa

    I would tap that...

  • Ana Meneses
    Ana Meneses

    sorry but you look chubby with this swinsuit. Not suitable for you and your pretty tiny body. Your taste is way much better than this

  • angel

    sexy kimmm be mine forever

  • loz

    um noo

  • Misty Soles
    Misty Soles

    Beautiful ..

  • Donnie Steven Brandenburg
  • joe

    show us how its done. Thats why ur the best!

  • m DOG
    m DOG


  • Medrano Carlos
    Medrano Carlos

    hermosa kim, simplemente hermosa y gracias por estos comentarios, siempre he sido tu fans, gracias bye

  • Stephanie

    Kim, you are so beautiful.. Why are you letting Kanye put you on a diet, throw out your wardrobe and change you?? A man that can't accept you for the gorgeous, loving & successful woman that you already are, doesn't DESERVE you! Not to mention, you're too pretty for his ugly ass! -Sorry, that's just MY opinion! I just love you, I love how real and open minded you are.. I love that you're not a judgmental person, and I don't think that he deserves you! Granted, I only see what is on TV & in the tabloids, but I think you deserve much more, and for someone to treat you like a Queen, not try to change you! I hope you're TRULY happy!!! XOXO!

  • joe

    show us how its done. thats why ur he best!

  • Ben Imps Everitt
    Ben Imps Everitt

    I deffo would.

  • loly

    someone got plastic surgery (BOOBS)

  • Sun


  • Brittany

    wow her eyes look really sad

  • that nigga
    that nigga

    i would

  • Julie

    Where is this bikini from??? LOVE it!!

  • Nugo

    What is sexy about this pic?....i wonder.

  • Nugo

    yea or purple...racist much?....PS i'm black.

  • jbd59

    have to ask, is she a grown woman or a teen? grow up girl.

  • jbd59

    borderline porn. lmao

  • jbd59

    a spade by any other name is still a spade. so a ho is still a ho.

  • jbd59

    she wants dick.

  • Julie O'Leary Mock
    Julie O'Leary Mock


  • Trista Schwartz
    Trista Schwartz

    ugly slut

  • Mwas Tam Tam
    Mwas Tam Tam

    fuk shz hawt!

  • mellissa

    wow shes guna be an umpa lumpa

  • steven

    very hot

  • Beyoncca

    Because we're sure this ride wasn't the worst ride she's ever had. She did ride Ray J you know!

  • m

    Well we already knew Kris was a cheating wife.

  • toyboy1982

    So So sexy :)

  • Cindy Anne Halcrow
    Cindy Anne Halcrow

    I love this photo

  • Abby

    haha u cant even see kendalls face ;)

  • Nicole Tryon
    Nicole Tryon

    love this

  • Nicole Tryon
    Nicole Tryon

    she's proud of her body....jealous much, I'm sure if you looked like her you would too! juuuussst saying why are you looking at her photos if you want to talk shit anyways?!



  • denisse

    la llorana she cry for anything

  • Marnie

    someone's jealous and bitter..

  • Roberto AleAlejandro Barraza Aguilera
    Roberto AleAlejandro Barraza Aguilera

    OMG! that is so funny! i cant stop laughing his face say " i never , never gotta ride this again" jajajaja LOL!

  • Hannah

    Lol Kourt is so preggers, So adorable. love it. Khlo is looking particularly sexy in this. And Kim is well...Kim. Always the stunner.

  • Fatima Jordan Jimenez
    Fatima Jordan Jimenez

    she is human

  • Beautiful

    I meant the more haters u have, it means u doing something right.

  • Beautiful

    I Love Ne-ne. Beautiful pic u guys. And Ne-ne the more u have, it means u doing something right.

  • jessica

    lol ;D

  • Jennifer VandeSande
    Jennifer VandeSande

    WOW! It does like like there crying lol

  • Dmaris

    hahaha kanye west face and kims lol priceless

  • 1opinionatedchic
    1opinionatedchic Kim crying? poor babygirl

  • Charles Brownfield
    Charles Brownfield

    so sexy~~~!!!!!

  • Glenys

    Where the fuck did you learn to spell???

  • Cindy Flores
    Cindy Flores

    shes wasting that on hat kayne guy eww so sad he is a creep

  • sam

    ok pls i wont be bad anymore in your class

  • sam

    yup stole that one

  • sam


  • ME_YOU

    Does this baby wear anything other than PJs?

  • ME_YOU

    One of these people do not look like the I love Khloe, but she DOES NOT look like them and I've always said that!

  • ME_YOU

    I say Khloe!

  • ME_YOU

    Robert Jr. looks just like Robert Sr.

  • ME_YOU

    How do you know about his penis???ijs

  • ME_YOU

    She looks like Court....

  • ME_YOU

    Wow!!! People are so mean to her and her family and they've done nothing to any of you. Are you jealous of them because they have money?

  • ME_YOU

    IT'S A PHOTO SHOOT...they tell them how to pose and it's called MAKE UP!!!

  • Belen Jimenez
    Belen Jimenez

    love the boots XD

  • kimkar

    i really love kim kardashian.

  • HannahB

    You make me feel sick, you dirty old man....

  • HannahB

    Wow this is one sexy pic! **Rolls eyes**

  • Renosa

    Hey everyone, I had a ccahne to speak with Kim and help her with a little verbal GPS to get around Anderson SC from the LA side to the norther 29 side hope that helped you out a good bit. She was startled that I eat pepper on my Cantaloupe, but it is actually very good and good for you .I am headed back to Anderson now so maybe I will see you again hope you got a map to travel this area go forth and be strong in your journey, we all must have one and you have found yours

  • Dmitriy

    That's BS. They are That's BS. They are having fun, not manikg fun of anyone. You people need to grow up and get a life!! People are wayyyy to touchy anymore, instead of picking on useless crap why not attack men who go to titty bars and the women who work there, or attack people who kill babies. instead of poor innocent fun

  • Mona

    wow i hate it when you can't really ppinoint what is helping you when you try something new it's like you have to use so many things all at once to get better skin and sometimes that doesn't even work you'd think with all this medicine we have now and days we should all have perfect skin!

  • Tania Loreto
  • mary

    i luv u kim,,mwaaah

  • mary

    i luv kim,,,,,,,mwaah

  • mary

    shez hot,de body wud hav looked so nice if she was black

  • zazzz

    beb, i could never call her 'hot'. she's pretty but i'd never go to the extent of calling her hot, just my opinon. especially the fact that her and Kanye are faking a relationship together is low, and by her still going to the extent of posting photos like this for more fame is just low and indeed scummy.

  • Steve in NJ
    Steve in NJ

    She's a lot of things, but scummy? If you don't think she's hot there's something wrong with you..

  • bashyy

    bashyy olaitan

  • zazz

    Trashy, sleazy and disgusting. Put some pants on babe.

  • zazz

    eww, she's so scummy.

  • Mwalimu Joseph
    Mwalimu Joseph

    I luv u

  • Mwalimu Joseph
  • hope

    pretty sure all of it goes to her ass

  • Milan Morton
    Milan Morton

  • Santanu

    falling into you... falling like a star

  • FanGirl

    I find Kourtney to be the prettiest

  • Lollipop

    looks like Kim in this pic.. wow. Kourtney that is.

  • Dave

    The Humpbutt of Notre Dame...

  • Katie Grainger
    Katie Grainger

    can anyone say....excess!!

  • Katie Grainger
    Katie Grainger

    why does she post pictures of food? it's clear she doesn't eat any of it!!

  • Katie Grainger
    Katie Grainger

    The cost of that bag could feed and house so many people in Haiti

  • Katie Grainger
    Katie Grainger

    Is it reeeeeeally necessary to take a photo of yourself in gym gear and post it online? seriously?!

  • Katie Grainger
    Katie Grainger

    OMG she looks just like her mum!!

  • Katie Grainger
    Katie Grainger

    Ha ha ha is she trying to go black to match Kanye?!

  • hihu

    Oh look! She found a real job! Porn Star!

  • Barry MCokiner
    Barry MCokiner

    Put that pic up next to the most recent pic of that Lady who lives w/your incontinent mother. I think your fans would like to know that after the episode that Mommy was almost boasting that she was now incontinent and about to wet herself, she called 3 different adult diaper makers to see if they would be interested in the, and I quote "America's new favorite TV mom" I know there is a tranny that looks a tad bit like BJ...uh.... Bruce. With those cute lil earrings. Let's see: Face Lift √ Ear lift √ Erectile Dysfunction√ earrings like either a pirate or a Lady or better yet Lady Pirate... You rock those earrings while you bite the pillow. Merica's Athlete What a crock

  • Barry MCokiner
    Barry MCokiner

    I've seen pix of Kim wearing those checkerboard patterned trou... so that EWWWWWWWWWWWW

  • Barry MCokiner
    Barry MCokiner

    What did the guy say Rick Santorum reminded him of? Enjoy your breakfast.

  • Barry MCokiner
    Barry MCokiner

    Now we know how KW saves on ass wipes Part II

  • Barry MCokiner
    Barry MCokiner

    Now we know how KW saves on ass wipes...

  • Barry MCokiner
    Barry MCokiner

    Howdy Ego!! Self centered much? All that grease will make your ass fat... wait a minute

  • Barry MCokiner
    Barry MCokiner

    Is the blond wig for you to dress up like Taylor Swift and your numbnuts boyfriend blow a gasket again? What happens when you find out you cannot accumulate all the money? Do you need MORE money? May I suggest porn? You have a Cleopatra look going on and we can have somebody pee on you, like your incontinent mother, and we will all say it is the Nile River... and NO those aren't horned asps crawling on your legs.. Thats a few anteaters as KW's video games buddies "came over"

  • Just

    Pretty nose job. But lay off the work already, you're starting to look too plastic.

  • Lee

    Keep the hairstyle!!!!!

  • Lawrence Ressler
    Lawrence Ressler

    What is Kim getting out of her purse or handbag? My mind races with weird, kinky, and perverse ideas. Or, perhaps she is getting some tissue paper, or money for a tip at an eatery or convenience store. The possibilities in this photo are endless and full of suspense, fear of the unknown, and possible pleasant surprises.

  • Dominique Denise
    Dominique Denise

    No it's because she's doing the duck face......

  • hope

    her cheeks look weird in this photo.... i feel as though shes had work done

  • mandana
    mandana mouth is watering..................can's stand it!!

  • Rafinago DaDon
    Rafinago DaDon

    NICE >":.>>>

  • Denise

    The lack of fortitude to back out shulod not cost 10 million as reported. She just wanted to stimulate the economy a little. Good piece.a WordPress rating systema WordPress rating system

  • Vernissa Richardson
    Vernissa Richardson


  • Henrietta Mbunwe
    Henrietta Mbunwe

    wow ,,, exactly like beyonce and her gurls in ring on it

  • Henrietta Mbunwe
    Henrietta Mbunwe

    in dem anklet.go gurl!!!!!

  • carmensherri

    I AGREE!!

  • Truth

    Move over Kim........ Make way 4 ur lil sistas they r all grown up...

  • Yesi Alvarenga
    Yesi Alvarenga

    She looks like a stripper with blonde hair

  • zazz


  • Brian3

    No doubt about it; the arse is fuckin' huge.

  • Zi Jones
    Zi Jones

    she looks like a pretty version of Lady Gaga-creepy

  • Whitney

    does this woman do anything else besides taking off her clothes? she claims to be a businesswoman. Ivanka Trump is a businesswoman and we dont see her taking her clothes off. Kim, your prime has passed. Go get some wrinkle cream at the department store or should i say botox?

  • alejandra

    soooooo photoshop that doesn´t even look like kourtney!!

  • true123

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  • Me

    Too fake looking and way to much weave. Has anyone ever seen her real hair? Its short and thin. She is not gorgeous by no stretch of the imagination. She has fake hair, butt,breast,botox, lipo, 7lbs of make up. Any one can be pretty with that going on.

  • timknotty

    Yum! Kim stripping down to her undies and sharing the BTS views on Twitter - she just brings so much joy to world every single day :)

  • Julie

    so true. Who wants pictures of her when she's been in numerous magazines, posts pics of herself incessantly on twitter. It's enough already. Go do something else like maybe continue your education. Lord knows she needs that because she does NOT know the meaning of the word "literally". As Judge Judy says: Beauty fades. Dumb is forever.

  • gaga

    she's very gorgeous and all but it's like damn, same shit different day, she doesn't know how to do anything else besides get her hair and makeup done and look pretty