One Minute Buzz: One Direction's Shirtless Vacay, Miley Cyrus' New Diet & More! (VIDEO)

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Miley Cyrus shows off her blue bra in a revealing 'Southern Made Hollywood Paid' tank top as she leaves a Pilates class in LA
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If you like your celebrities shirtless, then this One Minute Buzz is for you! 

One Direction fans, rejoice! All five boy-banders ditched their shirts in Sydney, where they took a dip in the Sydney Harbour and went surfing. Who else was snapped shirtless down under? Just click play and all is revealed!

Not to be outdone, Miley Cyrus showed off her slim figure in a string bikini. Some worried about her weight loss, but she put fears to rest by revealing she has lost weight due to a new gluten-free diet due to a food allergy. 

Who showed off their newborn for the first time and which female star chopped off all her hair? Watch the One Minute Buzz to find out! 

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