Shane Dawson Reveals Downside to Internet Fame

Shane's 'SUPERLUV'
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He's got of the most subscribed YouTube channels on the video sharing site, now Shane Dawson tells Celebuzz about his rise to success -- and the downside of internet fame! 

We exclusively premiered Shane's debut single SUPERLUV right here on CB, and he says response to the song has been SUPERGUD. "It's been really awesome and totally shocking to me." he says. "I thought more people would be iffy about it, but I don't know it seems like everybody is really liking the song and the video so I'm pumped."

His journey to YouTube stardom began as a fluke. "I was really bored at work one day," he says. "I was playing around on YouTube, I was trying to be an actor and trying to audition for stuff. I wasn't getting any parts and I thought 'Hey maybe I can make my own TV show on YouTube in my free time at work.'"

The plan backfired -- sort of. While his channel was just getting started, he made one crucial mistake that got him fired from that job.

"I worked at Jenny Craig and I made a video at work," he tells Celebuzz. "It wasn't dirty or anything, but it was the fact that I made a video at work. They fired me and six other people that were in the video, including my mom and brothers."

The video in question "was literally just recording my day at work," he says. "It was one of my first videos and I was learning how to [stage] block. I was just interviewing people I worked with and some of my friends there."

Ultimately, it catapulted him to become a full-time YouTubeer. "It kind of pushed me," he says. "It was a terrible time. We were almost homeless and we're all out of a job, but it pushed me to try and be a partner on YouTube."

Now that he's found success doing just that, he says his only regret is that others were fired because of his video. "They shouldn't have gotten fired, but for me I could care less. I'm so happy about what I'm doing now and I wouldn't have been full force with it if I wouldn't have gotten fired."

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  • inverse137

    Bet Jenny Craig is kicking themselves in the ass over that...all that free publicity they COULD have had. Keep up the good work, Shane

  • true123

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  • Aya

    I don't watch his videos anymore but I still think he's cool and what he does is inspirational. The most important thing is that he's happy. A lot of people don't consider being a Youtuber a job but successful Youtubers actually make pretty decent money (especially if they become a partner/receive endorsements) and get a lot of opportunities when they hit it big. You can't get more "real" than that.

  • catsareamazing

    Shane I love you! Super Luv is amazing! like you are amazing!! You have so much talent, you probably wont see this comment, but I want you to know, that some days your vlogs are the only things that keep me smiling (: Thank you so much just for being you!!