The Career Evolution of Josh Hutcherson (PHOTOS)

Josh's Fun Facts
Ten things you didn't know about Josh Hutcherson!
From TV roles to total box office domination, there’s no denying that Josh Hutcherson has evolved into quite the big-name actor. Kick starting his career at an early age, Josh appeared in numerous TV movies like House Blend and Becoming Glen before landing his bigger and more memorable roles in the Oscar-nominated flick The Kids Are All Right and Journey to the Center of the Earth series.

On Friday, Josh will be taking over theaters with The Hunger Games, which is still standing tall at the number one spot, and his recently released indie flick, Detention. Since this 19-year-old hunk is taking on himself at the box office this week, we thought it would only be fitting to take a look back at his impressive career evolution.

Not only has Josh grown to be one of Hollywood’s most sought-after actors, but the Kentucky-native has also taken his craft behind the camera as well. Apart from starring in Detention, J-Hutch also acted as one of the movie’s executive producers.

In what could only be described as a marriage between The Breakfast Club, Scream and everything 90s, Detention centers around a group of high-schoolers who band together to hunt down a masked killer who have been terrorizing their town. Check out Josh dishing about his Detention experience in the video below.