One Direction’s Harry Styles Asks Aussie Reporter Out On Date, She Turns Him Down

Harry Showdown
Who's hotter: Prince Harry or One Direction's Harry Styles?
Look out, fans! The boys of One Direction may be asking you out in the future.

Sunday Telegraph reporter Elle Halliwell got a shock this week when band member Harry Styles, 18, asked for her phone number after an interview. She confessed to the exchange in a recent article, writing:

I did notice during my Wednesday interview with the band that Styles was staring at me — but I was surprised and flattered when a member of the publicity team rang me to ask if Harry could have my number.

But unlike what most One Direction fangirls would do, the 25-year-old turned down Harry’s date. She reasoned:

I turned down Harry Styles, not because I didn’t like the 18-year-old singer, but because I’m 25 and engaged to be married. I don’t know whether Harry had noticed the diamond ring on my finger and chosen to ignore it or whether — and this is more likely — he’s an 18-year-old boy who’s not highly attuned to things like that. Anyway, even if I were interested in a date with the latest pop sensation, my evening was already fixed with a strictly unchangeable appointment — to try on wedding gowns.

However, this isn’t the first time Styles has pursued an older woman. In the past, the UK X Factor contestant has been linked to 31-year-old British TV host Caroline Flack and 24-year-old Irish photographer Sarah-Louise Colivet. Recent reports also claim that the British cutie has made a move on 32-year-old former Bachelorette Jillian Harris

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