‘Think Like a Man’ Actress Keri Hilson Reveals What She Looks For In a Guy (EXCLUSIVE)

R&B singer Keri Hilson makes her acting debut next weekend, April 20, when Think Like a Man hits the silver screen.

The comedy takes a real life snapshot of love and relationships. Based on Steve Harvey’s book Act Like a Lady, Think Like a Man, the film stars Michael Ealy and Kevin Hart – with appearances by Chris Brown and Kelly Rowland.

Keri’s romcom cameo obviously led Celebuzz to ask the eligible entertainer what she looks for in a guy and what advice she thinks men and women alike can take from the film. 

“I like a smart guy,” Keri confessed. “Someone who has a great balance between smart and fun with a little bit of edge like he’s a protector. Someone who is so ambitious and just never settles, never complacent always forward thinking. Someone who loves God, respects women.”

As for the take-away from her romantic comedy, Keri says the film is all about taking a different approach when dating. “You can find yourself, everyone can find a bit of themselves in at least one of the characters. … It happens to be one of the more realistic movies as far as what love is really like, and how relationships really actually go and what the male and female are actually thinking during it. Given that, I think that men and women can maybe find a piece of themselves and try a different approach.”

In addition to Think Like a Man, the “Turnin’ Me On” songstress has been hard at work recording a new album and filming other acting projects. Her third studio album doesn’t have a release date, but she revealed who she’s been talking to about a collaboration.

“I’d love to work with Bruno [Mars] actually. We’ve talked about it for … I think now it’s been a couple years. And, I think it’s about time we do that.”

Recently, she wrapped shooting for the new Riddick installment and begins work on an unnamed project in June. Meanwhile, check out her cameo in the upcoming Think Like a Man when it hits theaters later this month

In addition to flexing her acting chops, she laid down a track on the film’s soundtrack with “Freedom Ride.” Take a listen and let us know in the comments: What is your favorite Keri Hilson song?

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