Age Appropriate? 50-Year-Old Dylan McDermott Attends Coachella With Young Girlfriend (PHOTOS)

Tupac at Coachella?!
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Is age really nothing but a number?

American Horror Story star Dylan McDermott attended the popular Coachella musical festival in Indio, Calif. this weekend and brought his sexy, younger gal pal Shasi Wells along. Looking casual, Dylan sported a black shirt and jeans, and showed off a tattoo on his forearm. On the other hand, his much younger GF was showing plenty of skin in a hippie-chic ensemble which consisted of a tiny lace top and short jean shorts.

While we know it's hard to believe the handsome star is 50 (!), should someone this age (with two young daughters ages 16 and 7) be going to this kind of event?

Let's not forget, Jennifer Lopez has been very open about dating Casper Smart, a man nearly 20 years her junior. From posting sexy photos of the two, to even featuring him in her latest music video, at 42, it looks like J.Lo is only beginning to hit her sexiness stride.

What do you guys think? Is it no big deal for Dylan to be dating someone younger and hitting up an event like Coachella? Share your thoughts in the comments!


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  • Katie Vance
    Katie Vance

    I didn't realize there was an age limit for music festivals? That's just silly trying to say he might be too old to attend. People of all ages go to Coachella along with other music events too. She's almost 30 so it's not like he's dating a teenager. You can't really judge her just from an outfit she wore, it's COACHELLA people. Many people dress like that there, you find other photos of her where she looks very classy and beautiful.

  • oliviasmile

    I'm not in the Hollywood scene whatsoever but my best friend throws some pretty swanky events so I get to attend every once in a while.I happened to be standing next to them and got the courage to spark up a conversation! They politely and kindly introduced themselves. He's obviously gorgeous and her face is stunning! Actually I couldn't stop staring at her because she's so unique looking. Dylan was very nice but a bit quiet, Shasi was down to earth and really sweet. You can definitely tell Dylans girlfriend has a strong personality, but personally I prefer that because it's honest and real. People in this town seem to put on a show and I didn't get that from them at all. It's a bit gossipy but I've heard his ex is a bit of a phony. I guess you cant judge a book by it's cover. Definitely maybe an odd pairing but they seemed to be happy and clearly it works. Loved them!

  • mcdermottisadouche

    He is a tool. This chick is cheap looking and hideous. What the heck is she wearing, and those stumpy bowed legs are revolting. He was so cruel to his beautiful, smart, and classy exwife Shiva Rose in the divorce. Karma...this is what he ends up Coachella, no less. LOL What an moron.

  • Heather

    I totally agree my grandparents were 13 years apart in age difference and were the happiest couple there ever was....I do not believe in age in reflection to how you love someone that has nothing to do with it you love who you love and thats that! It may look odd but unless your going home with them mind your business. This world would be such a nicer place is everyone just minded their own business! And justa word of advice gentlemen Girls today wouldnt have to turn to sex older guys if the ones their own age ACTED THEIR AGE. Guys are becoming more an more immature as teh decades go on and it's sad and now their pissed that women are turning to older men who act like MEN! This is not shocking I have infact been where she is and you know what it's much better then dating in my age bracket BY A LONG SHOT and I'm only 27! More power to you guys I'm happy for you =)

  • Naturally

    Beautiful only if they don't inherit her bowed legs. Did you notice in her other pictures that she clearly has bowed legs and is trying to cover them with boots? His ex-wife was such a classy and beautiful lady. What is wrong with this man?

  • will

    She's 28 years old. I went to high school with her.

  • will

    She's 28. I went to high school with her.

  • will

    i went to high school with her. Her real name is shannon zorrilla and she's actually 28 years old.

  • JanetChapman

    His GF is 28 years old not 18. So sad to see so may ignorant people commenting. Why would it matter what his age is? You can enjoy music at any age! This writer must of had a slow news day to post something so far fetched. They're both gorgeous! I can't wait for them to make beautiful babies together.

  • Jonathan Dale
    Jonathan Dale

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  • sarahbella

    WTF they won't let me post or copy the FB link!!! Any way its CB face book page lets see if they'll let me post one comment from FB Paul Wood Your articles often don't offend me. This one clearly does. At 50, are you to lay down and die? Give me A break! It's a music festival. If Madonna can perform at the super bowl and kick butt for 7 minutes, a 50 year old actor can take his younger girlfriend to a music festival. Suggesting otherwise is ignorant and age-ist!

  • sarahbella

    This post is so obnoxious & agist Just like the 5 other people who commented so far... I saw this article on facebook as well and it seems about 35 people DISAGREE glad to see normal people exist. Huge fan of his & Im pretty sure they've been together for years... LIVE & LOVE PEOPLE!!!!!!!!

  • danielleakame

    i dont see why older people cant go to coachella. but i do see a problem with someone of his age dating someone the same age group as his daughters. icky.

  • Raegan Shelton
    Raegan Shelton

    You are never too old to love and want to enjoy music.

  • F J
    F J

    I've always like him but after reading he's dating an 18 yr old, that seems kinda perv-y to me. YUK, sure changed my mind about him.

  • Holly Slavic
    Holly Slavic

    Looks like he is with his daughter.

  • hellsbelle

    @lmw931 whatever gave you that idea? The 18 year old girlfriend or Hot Topic wardrobe?

  • lmw931

    It's safe to say he's definitely having a mid life crisis