Celebuzz Presents: Celebrity Couples Race to the Altar! (PHOTOS)

Is The Five-Year Engagement a case of art imitating life? The movie centers around a couple, played by Jason Segel and Emily Blunt, who extend their engagement in order to navigate some obstacles standing in the way of their wedding. 

We've  seen more than a few Hollywood couples prolong the engagement phase, even having babies in between -- like Kristin Cavallari and NFL quarterback Jay Cutler!

Who will be the first celebrity couple to walk down the aisle? It's a race to the altar! Peep through our engaged couples gallery and tell us who you think will say "I do" first! 

Some couples show their love in other ways than popping the question -- like starring in each other's music videos! We've got a rundown of some of the most memorable celeb couples set to music, see below: 



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    ron and gail modjeski - you two are such an awsoeme couple and it really shows in your engagement pictures..they are just beautiful..looking forward to seeing you in june..love to both ron and gail

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