‘I Wonder If They’re Even Looking To Replace Me’: Regis Philbin Questions Hunt for New ‘Live!’ Host (EXCLUSIVE))

Last November, Regis Philbin bid farewell to the daytime talk-show circuit after a staggering 28-year run on LIVE!

Now, five months later, his seat alongside Kelly Ripa has yet to be filled, despite a slew of guest hosts ranging from Jerry Seinfeld, to Neil Patrick Harris — and even Kim Kardashian.

In an exclusive interview with Celebuzz, 80-year-old Philbin doubted whether the Walt Disney Company, which owns ABC, is even trying to find the right candidate to fill his legendary shoes. 

“I don’t see anybody new on the show,” the man known as Reeg told Celebuzz.

“I wonder sometimes if they’re even looking for a new co-host. I see people like Seth Meyers — a terrific guy — but he’s got a show, Saturday Night Live and I don’t know if he could or would want to undertake this other show, as well.

“I don’t see anybody that they’re trying out — anybody new, I might say — that they’re trying out to get the job. Not yet, anyway.”

Regis admitted that he still watches the show, now titled LIVE! With Kelly — “a little bit every now and then.”

When he’s not, the television stalwart said he’s enjoying his time away from the small screen. Among the highlights to date: a three-week cruise to Hong Kong, Beijing and Shanghai, as well a campaign for Advil, which he recently filmed with his wife, Joy. (Watch the commercial on Advil’s official website!)

Despite the R&R, Regis  — who is co-hosting The View on Tuesday and guest starring in Hot and Cleveland opposite Betty White later this season — told Celebuzz that he hasn’t ruled out a return to TV altogether.

“It could happen again,” he said.

“I haven’t found the right thing, or maybe I don’t want to go back too soon. So, I’m kind of staying out of it for a while. It’s only been about five-and-a-half months, anyway. But I’m not going to say, ‘I’m never going to do it again.’ I’d be wrong.”