Bikini Butt Showdown: Nicollette Sheridan vs. Leighton Meester (POLL)

It was a romantic, bikini-clad weekend for a Gossip Girl and former Desperate Housewives star. 

Both Leighton Meester and Nicollette Sheridan hit the beach this weekend, with their derrieres on full display. The GG actress, who just turned 26 this past Monday, played in the waves of Rio de Janerio, Brazil in her pink snakeskin suit, all the while packing on the PDA with her bearded beau Aaron Himelstein.

Meanwhile in St. Barts, Nicollette, 48, proved age ain't nothing but a number when she was spotted in her teeny pink bikini, enjoying a little beachside romance with her boyfriend. 

Both TV stars look great in their curve-flaunting swimsuits, but who had the best bikini butt? Cast your vote in the poll and stand by your bum, below. 

If you still haven't had your fill of skimpy suits, check out the sexiest bikini-clad Twitter pics we could find: 



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  • Umutcan

    he was inspired by the No,go ahead and write the scpeenrlay,cause you never for sure have a different writing style than the two movies you've mentioned,so as long as yo don't copy every little detail,you should be fine.good luck,and cool idea.

  • Edna

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  • Simoni

    I can believe she is at my home town I am not there.

  • jbd59

    keep dreaming. lol