Brad Pitt & Angelina Jolie: The $270 Million Prenup (EXPERT EXCLUSIVE)

Brangelina Engaged!
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The Hollywood power couple Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie are finally tying the knot, but the burning question still remains: Will the longtime couple and parents-of-six have a prenuptial agreement?

According to Forbes, Brad, 48, is worth an estimated $150 million, while Angelina, 36, is worth a whopping $120 million, a net worth equaling $270 million.

"The chances of them not having a pre-nup is slim and zip," Goldie Schon, Los Angeles Family Law Attorney, tells Celebuzz.  “The fact that they waited this long to tie the knot, you can't imagine that with this type of wealth and this type of stature that they’re not going to protect themselves so that they don’t have a situation in the future.”

While signing a prenup in Hollywood is a pretty standard procedure, could this legal procedure ultimately doom Brad and Angie's marriage from the start? Are they wishing it to fail?

“[They] just to have something in writing, similar to a couple having a living trust or a will," Schon explains. "It’s just a document that is going to outline for the two of them and for their family how things are going to be divided up or not divided if the two should separate."
Our expert predicts not much will change for the couple, who've already been together for seven years.  “Nothing is going to change. The reason they are getting married is because of their children. Their children are growing up and they are becoming more knowledgeable of what mommys and daddys are supposed to be.”

When and if a prenup such as this is drawn up, the kids will not be included. Schon explains, “You can’t put child support or child care into a prenuptial agreement because a prenup is between two people, the spouses to be. You can not contract away the rights of a child.”

Schon's advice for Brad and Angie’s possible prenup, “What’s yours is yours and what’s mine is mine,” she insists. “That’s how it’s going to stay.”

She adds, “These two particular people are extremely affluent in their own right, when it comes to wealth, when it comes to celebrity stature and being a public figure. They are both pretty much of the same elite.”

What do you think? Should Brad and Angie get a prenup, or is it jinxing the marriage from the get-go? Sound off in the comments. 



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  • Elaine Brooks
    Elaine Brooks

    No prenup! Brad will be broke after she dumps him! Or maybe he will get it all after she completely starves herself to death? Wonder how he will raise 6 kids on his own?

  • Karen Davis
    Karen Davis

    they both will be fine, im sure they have thought this marriage out and know exactly what is best for themselves and each other. no matter what they decide only they have the power to make it or not, the money will be there even if one is not so i doubt the money is a issue to them, thier at a whole other level with each other.

  • divagirl715

    And to all the rude people writing unkind words about Angie's figure...I have this to say, "watch Gia!" she is naked - very naked, during much the film. Jolie's body is gorgeous (amazing breasts). And even though she is 10lbs lighter now, she is still stunning nude. More proof? See "Wanted" includes a full nude shot of her from behind, walking, Flawless! Nobody looks good walking naked. Angelina does. So suck it! She is perfect.

  • divagirl715

    They are so amazing. In every way. Their Jolie-Pitt Foundation donates tens of millions of dollars to various charities & natural disaster repair around the world. I'm sure they'll have a pre-nup, as they are just so practical. They are well-known planners too. As important & wealthy as they are, planning ahead for death is a natural step. Anyway, ALL I really care about is what an awesome example they are for the world. To love and give love. To love everyone. Their family alone is like a lil United Nations. So glad they are going to marry. I hope its a private, family affair. I would imagine their kids are giddy with excitement. Congrats! :-)

  • Rocko

    who cares?

  • Lassie

    They both have Foundations in their names already. They are so giving...with their love and money to the less fortunate pof this world.

  • betty

    There is a saying like this "Only one himself knows if the shoes match his feet or not"。If you really love her /him, race, color or age. ain't nothing but a number for these loved-up A-Listers. My BF and I both think so! He is a banker .We met via ___Blackwhiteplanet,,C0'M____, a nice place for women and men who have much money, Ever feel that you would best enjoy someone who is in your group? If u are really interested in it, maybe u wanna check it out or tell your friends.

  • Tired of Cranky People!
    Tired of Cranky People!

    Wow, who p*ssed in your wheaties?!?!? I wonder if people who know you personally feel the same way.

  • Lee Norm...
    Lee Norm...

    Neither one seems greedy and both are fair giving people so I don't think they need one, plus they are worth the same. Whatever they do together as man and wife they would be equals. Unless he or she is planning on building an empire on their own I don't see it. They do everything together and at their ages and with the amount of kids they have this family will only get stronger. Infedelity is a whole other story and if that ever happened later on they would be like the Clintons. Live and let live. I adore them together. She is s stunning beauty and he so amazing. They should have a big wedding for thei fans and donate the money to their charities. They are used to making sacrifices and are already in the spotlight so why not a wedding with grace and purpose. Can I go, please, Anjie?

  • bugsy

    I hope they die

  • Zi Jones
    Zi Jones

    this comment will come up in a google search engine under Zi Jones I don't think they will get married-

  • melissa

    Man they are rich