Christina Aguilera Ditches Pants, Wears Tight-Fitting Corset on 'The Voice' (VIDEO)

Christina Aguilera wasn't shy about showing off her curves on Monday night as she performed with her team on The Voice. Slipping into a tight-fitting corset with fishnets and Louboutin platforms, X-Tina ditched her pants and flaunted her voluptuous figure on stage.

The singer, 31, has been making more headlines lately for her weight -- not her voice -- which is leaving many wondering about her ill-fitting wardrobe choice on the show.

Recently, Howard Stern interviewed Christina's co-star Adam Levine and went off about the pop diva's figure.

“Why do you think [Christina]’s got so heavy, is she upset? She used to be so f---ing hot! And her clothes are too tight, am I right?”

Levine responded diplomatically, “Her clothes are tight, she likes to wear tight clothes. She clearly likes to talk about being comfortable with being a woman, and snapping her fingers and doing the whole [diva] thing.”

Back in January, Aguilera said she no longer feels pressure to look a certain way. "You can never be too perfect, too thin, too curvy, too voluptuous. . . I've been on all sides of the spectrum," she said at a TCA press conference in January.

She added: "As long as I'm happy in my own skin, that's all I need. I'm happy with where I'm at. I have a boyfriend who loves my body. I love my body. My son is healthy and happy. That's all that matters."

What do you think about Christina's look on The Voice? Watch the video above and sound off in the comments.

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  • Melissa Rafferty
    Melissa Rafferty

    Christina is not that big and she's actuall the size of an average American woman. I bet you your momma is big as she is. So be careful what you say before you say it. And she's healthy.

  • Crystal-Rose Jones
    Crystal-Rose Jones

    People have serious issues if they think this is fat. Sure, she's not tiny skinny like she once was, but she's 32, she's had a baby, she's bound to have put on a little weight and health wise she wouldn't be an unhealthy weight. She is normal and gorgeous. Way better than celebs who are too busy puking just to look "gorgeous". Go Christina!





  • gina

    she's heavy..not really overweight in saying that though, there is no reason to wear that outfit, dress for her size

  • Kitt

    I know enough women who have 2 kids or more and still have a healthy body. I feel like it is a normal thing in the US to say like 'Oh I got kids it's ok that I'm unhealthy.' or 'Oh I have a stressful job it's ok that Im unhealthy.' No it is not. I do not care who you are but you should take care of your body. You only have one.

  • Kitt

    Americans really do not know anymore what is a healthy body and what is an unhealthy body :') It is obvious that her body is unhealthy. I am not stating she is fat, ugly or has no talent. I am just saying that her body is unhealthy and that is never okay. I do not care if you are the Queen, my neighbour or Lady Gaga, if you have an unhealthy body, you have an unhealthy body.

  • rongvvcwe

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  • Celia

    Look, I get that there is fat and healthy and all that shit. But what a person decides to ingest and whatnot really is not our job to patronize. And honestly, she might be working hard, and trying to get healthy but for everyone there is a story and we won't know it unless she tells us. So, lets drop the talk of weight and start addressing the real issues. If she's unhealthy and she is gaining weight because of that then that's HER business. The reason why girls AND boys have such low self esteem is because they feel like people are judging them at whatever physicality they are at. Instead of condemning someone for looking overweight how about we shut up and leave them alone? I GUARANTEE that if someone is overweight they ALREADY KNOW. We don't have to tell them to shape up. That's stupid. Instead, lets promote a society of healthiness and not WEIGHT weight doesn't 100% determine whether or not someone's healthy and just because someone might be 5'2 and weigh 110 pounds doesn't mean you're healthy. It just means you're at the weight that doesn't make you look fat. Lets stop focusing on the weight and start focusing on a healthy diet. Weight is a number and beauty is perception of confidence. If you're condemning SOMEONE ELSE about their weight it shows some projection of insecurity on your end. "Well, at least I'm not THAT fat..."

  • NallelyJ

    She has two kids...How many girls can get back to the way they used to look like before? It's extremely difficult.

  • Yup

    Everyone talking about how fat Christina is should shut up. Being fat only makes a person depressed because of you people who call them disgusting. Not because a person has a little weight on does not make them lazy. I've seen some pretty lazy skinny people, while I've seen some hard working bigger people. I don't care what size a woman is as long as she is confident in how she looks. Being skinny has its own health risk just as carrying a little extra weight. People considered to be over weight are afraid to leave their homes because they fear being judged. Next point is we put too much pressure on entertainers. Raise your own kids, build their confidence, quit being lazy and take em out the house. Be your kids own role model and let these entertainers do what they do best. ENTERTAIN. If your kid is looking up to a person who sings every so often then you have failed your child. Now who sucks?

  • KLee

    Grace, I see your point. However, don't forget that she most certainly has a stylist. She is a very successful, beautiful woman who has help getting through her everyday schedule. Perhaps she just needs better advice as to what is and is not flattering as this body type is new to her.

  • KLee

    I Totally agree. Christina Aguillara is talented and beautiful. What she needs is a stylist who will help her dress appropriately for her current body type as this has not been her norm.

  • Gia

    She looks beautiful and has talent. There is fat and then there are curves, curves are what make a real women hot, understand the difference dear!

  • tara

    this is why we are the fattest country, because wearing things like this is what we are showing girls is acceptable. it was one thing to try to get young girls to dress appropriately, it's an entire other level to have to discuss in relation to body size. if there was any sense about it, she would be showing her talent instead of showing off as much skin as possible to entertain. we like you for your voice, girl.

  • Grace

    Im not usually one to post rude comments and start internet fights, but forget y'all sayin nasty stuff about her size. talking bout somebody else isn't gonna make you feel better about yourself or going to make her any thinner. She has a career, a tv show, and a family. let me know when you try and juggle all that and find time to be beautiful by the worlds standards. im sure you are a perfect dime piece yourself.

  • Loulou

    Why is her weight so important. I was listening to her awesome voice and thinking what a talent she is. Better yet, she shares that talent with the world. I appreciate her and her body is just a shell like all of ours. Some are big, little, awkward, but does it matter? It doesn't mae the person!

  • Greg

    I don’t have a problem with her weight or body. But I don’t think she should be wearing what she is. She clearly is not the body type for that anymore. She just looks like she is denial.

  • ashley

    I surfe her weight is effecting her voice

  • Guest54321

    Oh good god, is this a feeder or BBW site? Several creepy guys on here begging women to get fat. Take your fetish elsewhere.

  • Guest54321

    Right, John, you are a CEO who has time to comment repeatedly on Celebuzz. Guessing you are a feeder who finds obesity to be erotic. FYI - curves and fat rolls aren't the same thing. Eva Mendes has curves. Sounds like Gabourey Sidibe is the type you consider to be "curvy".

  • Calin

    Why does she continous to wear such horrible outfits, she doesn't look sexy, she looks like she can't breath, she does make a cute bumble bee.

  • Victoria Jacqueline Billington
    Victoria Jacqueline Billington

    The fact that she's put on weight doesn't bother me, it's that she still insists on wearing tiny pieces of clothing and going on stage. If you're a little bit bigger, try something that doesn't show off that fact. There's a difference between being fat and making the wrong fashion choice for your size.

  • brenduh

    Nothing wrong curvy, I'm curvy, that's not the problem, her outfit is what I have a problem with. Yes, that's my own opinion! There are so many other ways to look sexy, and what she is wearing, is definitely not one of them!

  • Mandi

    Not the best outfit but shes not fat.. like what a size 8 not a 2.... she's a healthy beautiful women. It's people like you (who insult her) make other girls feel bad about themselves. SHAM ON YOU!!!

  • Luis G
    Luis G

    Jennifer and Eryn glas you have made the changes that will make your lifes more enjoyable. Unforunatly for you you'll get critiziced for speaking the truth, some people are naturally fat lovers, you see that as you walk any steet in the USA. Skinny guys with big butt Bertha, as well as skinny girls with big big blubber guys. You go girls!! I do believe that Christina is just going thru a phase "again", this celebrities do love to make headlines and have fans or fools cling to every little tantrum they throw. I used to believe that she was a great example for the hispanic community now I believe he is the greatest distraction and no talent will suffice to make me see her in that role again. Just as druggie celebs have their defenders because they are in the same grove there are more graves waiting for them too. How many celebs have died and will continue to die because of the abuse they do to their bodies and have all this "yes" people to say " they are not doing anything wrong" they are enjoying life until there is no more life to enjoy. Jennifer and Eryn are not haters they are real people who saw what they didn't wanted to be and took steps to become themselfs and not fit what other people wanted. They got a backbone!!

  • Cy

    John, there needs to be more men like you in the world that appreciate a girl with curves. i am 5'5" and i weight 150 and i am so comfortable in my skin, i got hips and curve and i am proud, cuz fyi ladies, very few of you out there got the chest and booty proportion that curve seeking men want. (that goes out to all the toothpick girls who think walking in a bikini with bones sticking out is hot. GROSS!

  • Cy

    yes very well put, these days men DO NOT WANT toothpick ladies, men like sexy curves. men like a woman who isn't afraid to eat in front of them, a woman who will order pasta or steak on a date instead of just a salad. there is NOTHING sexy about protruding bones and looking like a living, breathing skeleton.

  • Cy

    way to tell em John and at Jennifer B adn Eryn you guys are probably some shallow snobby girls who have nothing better to do than talk crap and try to lower others self esteem, get a life ladies.

  • Abady

    Is that Meg Griffin?

  • Jared

    She's not so fat she's unhealthy yet. I just wish she would not wear the nasty outfit.

  • Kerrie

    isn't it a little hypocritical to be judging someone based on looks instead of their voice when the whole premise of the show is hearing what they sound like before you see what they look like?

  • Allen

    Christina is MORE BEAUTIFUL now that she has GAINED weight. Men are tired of skinny women. Men want women who are voluptous and curvy. I agree with John. Why a woman wants to be skinny is beyond me. Indeed, where are the Mae Wests' and Jayne Mansfields of today? Christina should actually gain more weight and fill out her curves even more. PLEASE DON'T LOSE THE WEIGHT CHRISTINA...YOU ARE GORGEOUS

  • John

    You are right Lea. Thank you for admitting you want a woman with curves because I know us guys sure do. Christina never looked so beautiful. She is like alot of other women. They actually get more beautiful as they gain weight. Skinny women look weak,frail and sickly. What man wants a woman who looks like that and why do women want to look skinny in the first place? It's sad. Where are the Mae West's and Jayne Mansfields of today?

  • John

    Amen. What man wants a skinny unattractive woman?. Me and my guy friends will take a woman with some meat on her bones anyday over a sickly looking frail skinny chick.

  • John

    She is GORGEOUS now. "jennifer b" and "eryn" don't know what you are talking about. Actually Christina would be even more beautiful if she gained some more weight and added more curves to her figure. NEWSFLASH...MEN ARE TIRED OF SKINNY WOMEN...I know because I am a 45 year old man. Being a CEO/President, I know alot of men who are fed up with feeling pressured by the fashion industry and the media into thinking only skinny women are pretty. Go to any Art Museum and you won't find portraits of skinny women. Its a shame that women today think big curvy voluptous women are ugly, when the fact is ...SKINNY WOMEN ARE VERY UNATTRACTIVE

  • Eryn

    I wish I realized before i was 150lbs that its not ok to be fat.... IN ANY WAY!!! Im 5 feet tall so 150lbs is alot. Im 100 lbs not thanks to the health problems I started to get from being over weight. I ws sick all the time and had no energy because i was stuffing my face with horrible food. Im not saying i want girls to stick their finger down their throats but reather realize what people are putting i their bodys. ITS NOT OKAY TO BE FAT. She shouldnt walk around acting like it is.... She doesnt have to be pencil thin, she just needs to take care of herself which by what i just saw she clearly does not!

  • Lea

    I think she's awasome!!!!! Very cool she had her contestants in the song. She could have a different outfit, but who cares she rocks with that voice!!! Get over it people. Not every one is a bean pole. That's what wrong with the view on women!!! Your rock Christina, plus your constestants!!! We want women with curve!!

  • lisa collins
    lisa collins

    she's not that big and how is that relevant to her talent. she'll lose it when she gets the chance to go back on tour. comments like that are why young girls are bending over their toilets at this very moment

  • Simona P Ciuman
    Simona P Ciuman

    if u dnt like her dnt comment she has a great voice judging looks is stereotypical i agree janet and phily phily fackin biebers the 1 whos ugly and annoying LOL LOL ewwwwww

  • janet

    She's beautiful and can sing her beautiful butt off...

  • Philly Philly
    Philly Philly

    If all that people can do is conplain about a performer's weight, then I think that they are 'stupid',and need to get a life! There is a 'body' for everyone! Just because someone "thinks" that they have the body doesn't make Have the body. This is 2012 wake the hell up,an get over it. There is nothing at all sexy about being a toothpick!!!

  • Bren

    Good god why is she wearing that??!!!

  • jennifer b
    jennifer b

    No I'm sorry she is overweight, and cant walk in her shoes or move around because of it. Look at her arms, she is not supposed to be a big girl. I've been there and she will be sorry - she will have back pain, knee pain, stomach problems, etc in anouther 10 years. If you want to be fat thats fine but don't announce to the world and to young girls that its healthly becuase its not.

  • Angel

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  • josh

    I am sorry, but she is SUPER HOT! her body is amazing. she does not look like a teenager, but rather a real woman.

  • Jeremy Chapman
    Jeremy Chapman

    i think she looks great! not fat at all

  • Alix Verriest
    Alix Verriest

    Fantastic voice, huge body

  • Laura Tabellini
    Laura Tabellini

    She has an amazing voice and charisma. Remind you need anything else to sing??

  • Lucinda Cindy Diaz Zabala
    Lucinda Cindy Diaz Zabala

    i miss the old "burlesque" christina aguilera...

  • Sara Larson
    Sara Larson

    omg lose some weight to much bulge everywhere

  • danielleakame

    im not saying she is fat. its just that come on put on pants. or wear something more flattering girl. you are an awesome singer....but everyone just talks about your weight...

  • Belen Jimenez
  • David Hanovic
    David Hanovic

    I personally do not like this type of outfit on any star. I think it's more trashy looking than anything else. I was more focused on the fact that she didn't sing with her team, she sang over her team. She is a diva and I would hate to work with this woman in any way!

  • ...

    back in the day she used to mimic britney...she could never quite figure out that she was the k mart spears wanna be queen of pop. now it seems she's still contending with spears--but now it isn't over the pop queen tiara, it's to see who can be the fattest, ugliest over the hill x queen of absurd. finally, xtina wins

  • louise

    her voice her stage presence her TALENT is awesome she is comfortable with her body and i think she rocks

  • fray

    someone help this girl..