Engaged Angelina Jolie Flashes Her Ring Bling (PHOTOS)

Since the news broke that the on-screen Mr. & Mrs. Smith are about to become the real-life Mr. & Mrs. Pitt, we have only gotten one very subtle flash of the gorgeous ring, but now Angelina Jolie is wearing it for all to see!

Angie was not acting the least bit coy as she was spotted out and about in Hollywood on April 16 showing off her left hand.

This is the second time we have seen the estimated $250,000 diamond that Brad Pitt put on her finger.

Angelina was rocking a very classy outfit to match her new shiny accessory. She wore a simple khaki colored dress accentuating her skinny frame paired with nude wedges and a YSL bag.

Brad, 48 who shares six children with the 36-year-old actress popped the question at their Los Angeles home, according to People magazine. "The duo spent the day at home together in LA savouring the moment until their kids returned home from school," a source told the site.

Now that you have a much clearer view, what do you think of Angelina's engagement ring? Sound off in the comments!



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  • Cheryl

    Well it just goes to say the rumors are true, you are a BITCH!

  • HolyCats

    She looks like she needs some good'ol McDonalds!

  • Cindy B.
    Cindy B.

    Love Angie ! Congrats to The Jolie-Pitts !! Oh and cry-baby Jennifer Aniston , choke on it !! lol

  • Tiffany Anne Maureen Pasher
    Tiffany Anne Maureen Pasher

    bitch bitch bitch

  • Tiffany Anne Maureen Pasher
  • Brittany Pickett
    Brittany Pickett

    I love her and her acting, but her legs looked like they have wilted away. How is she even able to stand with like 3 % muscle in them. She is probably ok, but if I saw her on the street i would be scared for her.

  • Mrao

    You know, I'm sure she has people watching out for her, but if I saw her on the street, I'd be really worried about how thin she is.

  • miss.rouso

    her legs look so skinny 8/

  • Krista Keller
    Krista Keller

    I'm really sorry for you, celebuzz. If anybody wants to see a good and clear shot of the ring - check out dailymail.co.uk

  • Tisha

    I like it. Only Kardashian has to go way over the top like buying millions worth rings to put on finger. Just simpel no too expensive seeing there can afford much more. High five.