‘He Just Looks at a ‘Teen Mom’ and They Get Pregnant’: Levi Johnston’s ‘Ex’ Kathy Griffin Reacts to Baby News

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Celebuzz chatted with the 51-year-old fiery funny lady about her 2009 Teen Choice Awards date Levi Johnston, 21,and his bad dad reputation following news that he’s impregnated yet another girlfriend (his first child, son Tripp, being with Sarah Palin’s daughter Bristol Palin).

Needless to say, the My Life on the D-List comic was pretty loose-lipped about her feelings Levi’s recent life choices, saying:

“He should have stayed with me when he had the chance. Apparently now, he just looks at one of the Teen Mom’s and then, they get pregnant.”

She continued:

“I think he just might wanna hook up with Jenelle [Evans] from Teen Mom one, two and seven.”

Kathy was also pretty unfiltered about her not being “the perfect girl for him.” She quipped, “[It’s] because I don’t even have one egg left. So, even though Levi is just, you know, coming out guns a blazin’ every time he unzips his pants, nothing’s gonna happen with me.”

While Levi is embarking on fatherhood twice over, Kathy is finishing up 29 appearances on numerous talk shows, before she hits up Bravo with her very own, off-the-cuff TV show Kathy, premiering this Thursday at 10 P.M. EST.