Nick Jonas & Ashley Greene Walk Down the Aisle?! (PHOTOS)

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Ashley Greene and Nick Jonas looked pretty happy as they walked arm in arm down the aisle over the weekend. But don't get any crazy ideas -- the two were just celebrating at a friend's wedding over the weekend.

So who brought them all together? Well, the JoBro's bass guitarist, Greg Garbo, married musician Paris Carney on April 14. Nick was the best man, while Ashley was picked to be a bridesmaid because she is dating Paris' brother Reeve Carney, who stars as Spiderman in the Broadway hit, Spider-Man, Turn Off the Dark.

There didn't seem to be any tension, though Ashley, 25, walked down the aisle with her ex-boyfriend Joe Jonas, 22, close behind her.

Ashley and Joe broke up in May 2011 after dating a year, but have remained friendly.

During the reception, Nick and Joe toasted the happy couple in a speech — and even rocked out on stage to Marvin Gaye's "Let's Get It On."

Check out the video below and click through the gallery to see more photos from the wedding.



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  • Rikha

    I was not surprise when I heard about this. She totllay wanted to get married so that her pathetic circus of a wedding could be compared and possibly top the Royal Wedding. The whole Kardashian brand is a joke and the fairy tale wedding was the giant punchline.

  • Marissa Rodriguez
    Marissa Rodriguez

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  • Marissa Rodriguez
    Marissa Rodriguez

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  • hah

    she wasn't chosen to be a bridesmaid purely because she's dating paris' brother - ashley and paris were friends long before ashley started dating reeve

  • emersonnes46

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  • emma

    who cares about it? no one. greene is so irrelevant. she is just another actress who had nudes leaked and dated around Leave Jonas alone!!! they are not friends with this people

  • Jonathan Dale
    Jonathan Dale

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  • Nicole

    Why when I look at Joe I just think he's gay! I don't mean it in a bad way I'm only stating my impressions.

  • katta

    Joe is so beautiful and perfect!!!! the guy in the background is creepy

  • Brittany Pickett
    Brittany Pickett

    i'm sorry, but how would you know if they are still friends or not. Do you know any of them personally. Do you know any of their family personally. Did any of them tell you they don't like ashley. Did ashley tell you there is still bad blood. It's just so laughable how people think they know so much about celebrities when they really have no clue. Maybe they do hate eachother maybe they don't but you will never know until one of them tell you personally which im guessing will never happen.

  • caro

    Joe and his brothers are NOT friends with that bitch. They are politically correct and doesn't care about her. The Jonas Brothers were there just for their guitarist (Garbo). Please don't confuse things, at the party were in the same place but in separate groups, not all together. Nick was just a gentleman but look at his face, he was forced to walk with trashley

  • kim

    It's nice that there's no bad blood between Ashley and the Jonas Bros. They look beautiful together.

  • Anna Caroline Azevedo
    Anna Caroline Azevedo

    seems like the wedding to be at!!